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The juicer is not enough, you need recipes for juicers so as to know what to feed that thing! Do not despair, juicing recipes are high up on our agenda, we hope to gradually build up a good collection of juice recipes to suit any juicing occasion that may occur in life. We won’t publish a juicer recipe just to fill some space, we’d rather post stuff that we actually know is good and will be of use for our readers. Our hope is the community will chip in and send us their recipes. For the time being we do not have a custom form for receiving these but if you are dying to share a juicing recipe, please enter it in the comments section of this page – if people respond well, we will create a section on the site to simplify the process of sending good juicer recipes ­čÖé

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Acai Berry Smoothie Recipe

Anti-Aging Recipes
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Breakfast of Champions Juicer Recipe

Power Juices, Recipes for Juicers
    35 This juice is truly a Breakfast of Champions ­čÖé We came up with it waking up one morning after a night of poor sleep… I blame it on the weather (the icelandic night “breeze” disturbing the curtains kept waking us). Regardless of what kept you from having a relaxing night of sleep, more ┬╗
natural energising recipe for juicer

A Juicer Recipe for Energy

Power Juices
    35 This juice recipe is a natural pick-me-up. But unlike all those artificial energy drinks out there this all-natural boost won’t rob you of your body’s nutrients or cause stress to your organs. This green juice recipe for the juicer is creamy, sweet and full of flavour, balancing the sweetness of the pineapple more ┬╗
Juicing legumes, fruit and vegetables to help your immune system

The Good for the Blood Recipe for Juicer and Blender

Power Juices, Recipes for Juicers
    35 We had this lovely blend as a lunch substitute during a juice fast. This recipe is good for the blood because it is antibacterial and it helps to build up blood. This blend has a powerful combination of antioxidants and phytonutrients. These are a great aid in fighting antigens in the blood, more ┬╗
Juicer recipe for wight loss with cucumber, apple, lime, avocado and celery

The Smoothie for Weight Loss

Recipes for Juicers, Smoothies
    35 We both started juicing to be healthier, but also to lose some weight. And juicing has definitely proved to be the best and definitely healthier way to do so. This smoothie for weight loss recipe is a great substitute for breakfast. Even if you don’t want to do a juice fast, just more ┬╗
A juicer recipe with pineapple, celery, lime and ginger

Pineapple, Kiwi, Celery and Lime Blend for Juicer

Green Juice Recipes
    35 The┬áPineapple, Kiwi, Celery and Lime blend for juicer┬áis a lovely green juice recipe. We had this one during a juice fast, as a snack juice. It was very tasty, and very refreshing. The kiwi lends it a very pretty green juice color, and with the pineapple also a lot of sweetness. It more ┬╗
a cucumber, mint lime and ginger recipe for juicers

Cucumber and Mint Snack Cleansing Juice

Juice Fast Recipes, Recipes for Juicers
    35 We came up with this cucumber and mint cleansing juice recipe whilst searching for a snack sort of juice, to be┬áconsumed┬áin between┬ámeals (or juices if you’re on a juice fast). We were doing a cleansing day, so this was perfect.It’s very light and refreshing, and fast to put together. The juice ingredients more ┬╗
Juicer Review: Hamilton Beach 67608 Big Mouth Juice Extractor

Tomato, Broccoli and Parsley Lunch Juicing Recipe

Green Juice Recipes, Power Juices, Recipes for Juicers
    35 This Tomato, Broccoli and Parsley juicing recipe came about as we were trying to find a good alternative to lunch. We found out this recipe proved to be the perfect one for a light lunch during our last juice fast. We are currently trying to shed some extra weight, so we’ve been more ┬╗

The Scarlet Mix Juice: A Happy Valentine’s Day Recipe for Juicers

Recipes for Juicers, Top Juicer Recipes
    35 Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we’re celebrating love with a juice recipe that tells your body that you love it and only wants what is best for it…. The Scarlet Mix will nourish your body, boosting immune and energy levels with its nutrients rich ingredients. Ready to juice some love <3 ? For more ┬╗

The Hangover Mix: Juicers & Recipes in Rio

Recipes for Juicers, Smoothies
    35 The Hangover Mix: Juicers & Recipes in Rio Juicers and Recipes spent almost 2 months in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and though we did do a lot of juicing the reality is: Rio is an outdoors place. While we did try to write about juicing there, we can’t deny the truth: the more ┬╗
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