Juicers vs. Blenders – which is the Best and Why?


Juicers vs. Blenders – which is the Best and Why?

Now that juicing is becoming so crazily popular, people have started checking things out here and there and have started wondering – do you really need a juicer, or is a blender enough? Or is a blender actually better? So let’s break it down and check it out to see once and for all, a battle to end all battles – juicers vs. blenders!

The Case for Juicers

The main difference between juicers and blenders is that while juicers mash up the fruits or vegetables and give you a juice of the innards, blenders mash up the entire thing and… well, just serve it, all in all. With a blender you’ll get everything, no question, while with a juicer you will get the juice. Many people, who like having the fiber rich skin of the fruit, take it out and mix it in with the juice afterwards, but most juicers don’t actually include it to begin with.

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There are pros and cons to this, as with everything. If you blend the entire fruit, skin and all, the blender will actually break up the fibers in a way that makes it harder for them to properly enter your bloodstream. That’s not very good for a number of reasons – primarily because fibers help you feel fuller, so if you put a fruit through the blender you suffer a higher risk of getting hungry faster.

The Case for Blenders

That’s not to say there aren’t any plus sides to blending. For one thing, blending a smoothie usually takes much less time than making a juice, so it’s perfect for a quick snack if you’re hungry. Smoothies can also stay in the fridge for a longer time, while juices can deteriorate and attract bacteria faster.

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Blenders aren’t just quick to use on the spot, they also take less time overall – while a juicer might be quite a handle to clean at times, a blender is really straight forward, just empty it and get it cleaned.

Juicers vs. Blenders – which is the Best and Why?

Summing Up the Battle

I would be lying if I said either juicers or blenders are the best. The truth is it’s complicated, but let’s sum it up this way – juicers are optimal, but they also take a little bit more work. If you’re dedicated to actually getting the most out of your product, you’re definitely safe going with a juicer, and you might actually be a bit disappointed with a blender.

But that’s just one opinion out of a few thousands, and there are ups and downs to all concepts. It’s all individual in the end.


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