What Is A Twin Gear Juicer?


What Is A Twin Gear Juicer?

A twin gear juicer applies an amazing technique to extract maximum juice, and maximum nutrients from the pulp of almost all types of produces. Two gears rotate in opposite directions to triturate fruits and veggies very finely. Triturate means to rub, grind or crush something into finer particles, this is why these juicers are also called triturating juicers.

In addition to being used commercially, these juice extractors are preferred by individuals who are fanatically serious about their health.

4 things to consider when buying a triturating juicer

  1. Price: Besides being the most efficient juicer machines, they are also the most expensive ones. Their price range starts at around $450 and can go beyond $1000
  2. Brand: Several brands are selling the twin-gear juicers, but when you are making such an investment, make sure you choose one of the top few brands. Because of their best quality and positive user reviews, we recommend juicers manufactured by Green Star and Super Angel.
  3. Yield: The triturating juicers are believed to extract 50% more juice compared to centrifugal juicers. Their yield is also slightly higher than that of masticating juicers. Though all two gear juicers offer almost the same level of nutritious value, the amount of juice produced by different models varies. When you are paying big bucks, make sure the juicer pays them back by yielding the maximum amount of juice so you can save some money in the long run.
  4. Build: Ideally, you would want your twin gear juicer to last a lifetime. For this, you should give some thought to the material used in the manufacturing of the juicer. Some juicers are made of high quality plastic i.e. Ultem, which is pretty sturdy but the juicers with stainless steel body are not only the sturdiest but are also easier to clean.

How a twin-gear triturating juicer works

The produce is pushed down through a chute where it goes into two gears aligned at a distance of about 0.1 mm between them rotating in opposite directions. When juicing harder items, you have to exert some force in order to get it triturated by the two augers. Some modern juicers come with a dual stage juicing system for enhanced productivity, which first turns the produce into pulp and then the two gears squeeze sap out of it.

Benefits of triturating juicers

These juicers are the best in terms of efficiency, yield and nutritious value. They can juice all types of fruits and vegetables, though juicing harder items is a bit of toil. The slow speed of two gears makes sure there is no foam or pulp in the juice. On top of that, these juicers hardly make any noise. The biggest advantage of these juicers is probably that they thoroughly prevent oxidization, so the taste and quality of the juice stay the same even if it’s stored for two or three days. That means if you drink juice daily, you don’t have to go through the hassle of juicing and washing the juicer, every single day.

Shortcomings of twin gear juicers

You can hardly find any reason to moan about the twin gear juicers. The biggest issue with them is perhaps their higher cost. Moreover, these juicers are heavy and big, and therefore not ideal for small kitchens. Another minor glitch is their slightly difficult cleaning procedure. They are also not considered ideal for beginners. To prevent the produce being inserted too rapidly, these juicers come with a small feed chute which requires considerable precutting.

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