V28 Juice Recipe


V28 Juice Recipe

This is an incredibly healthy juice recipe! The V28 juice is mostly, as the name suggests, a vegetable and legume juice, full of benefits for your body. We made this recipe for the first time during a juice diet, and I must say that when I first looked over it, I was a bit scared. But contrary to what I thought, this was a really tasty juice! We thought the parsley was really essential to the taste, so be sure to include it if you are going to try this juice recipe!

tip: Remember to juice the parsley in between the legumes, so they are all incorporated. You won’t want to waste these tasty leaves!


V28 juice Recipe

3 large Red Beets

2 medium Carrots

2 stalks Celery

4 Plum Tomatoes

4 cups Parsley, leaves and stems, roughly chopped and packed into the measuring cup

1 Jalapeno, ribs and seeds removed

12 Red Radishes

V28 Juice Recipe

V28 Juice Recipe


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    7 years ago

    This juice is powerful. It really sounded good and it is chuck full of antioxidants, and beet root is one of the most effective liver cleansing vegetables, a really good detoxifier and laxative.
    Seriously, all that pretty color, you think it would have tasted good too.

  2. Olga
    6 years ago

    I noticed that hi-speed-rotating-blade jurceis leave a half of juice in the pulp, so I additionally bought the manual healthy juicer (Lexen). First, I make a carrot juice in hi-speed juicer, next I extract juice from the pulp (formed in hi-speed juicer). And thanks to that 2 processes, I get twice more juice than from the hi-speed juicer only:))) The double mass of juice – this is it!