Tailgator blender – How to Enjoy Blending On The Go?


Tailgator blender – How to Enjoy Blending On The Go?

I had heard a lot of talk and was wondering what’s so amazing about the Tailgator Blender? Picture this; you are camping in the middle of woods – miles away from the nearest town – and want to have a smooth, delicious cocktail… That’s surely impossible, right? How will your blender work when there is no electricity!

Similarly, you can’t get a healthy smoothie when you are in the parking lot, minutes before a game and craving some instant energy.

The Original Tailgator Gas Blender with Carry Case

There are countless occasions when you really want to gulp a glass of mélange, but it’s not possible – or at least, it’s not possible if you don’t have The Original Tailgator Portable Gas-Powered Blender.

About the Tailgator blender

The unique design and mechanism of the original Tailgator blender helped it appear in two popular TV shows: Home Improvement and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

You can blend your drinks in a boat, camper, in the airplane or anywhere you want with your totally portable gas-powered blender!

Juicers and recipes on the internet

It comes with an easy start 25cc 2.25HP gasoline powered engine. You also get a 48oz pitcher plus a bottle of 2 cycle oil, still the unit weighs only 10lb. The stainless steel blades backed by the heavy duty 25cc Poulan 2-stroke, 2 1/4 horse power engine will blend anything in seconds.

Is Tailgator gas-powered blender the best choice for YOU?

It’s an extremely handy and ultraportable blender for people who fancy their margarita while they are on the go. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get arrested if you blend something in your kitchen or backyard with your Tailgator.

In case you are under house arrest, Tailgator blender may not be the best option for you. But there are times i.e. pool parties or backyard parties, where a Tailgator can come in handy for even the stay-at-home folks.

Benefits of the Tailgator blender

  • Enjoy shakes, margaritas and daiquiris while tailgating, enjoying the sun on the beaches, during pool parties, or any place where electricity isn’t available. You won’t find a portable blender as good as Tailgator blender.
  • Your cocktails will be well blended and as smooth as the ones you make at home.
  • The gas in the tank will be enough to make more margaritas than you can drink.
  • Weighing just 10lb means you won’t break a sweat while carrying the blender on your back.
  • The juicer is well-built and extremely easy to use.

Cons of Tailgator blender

  • Just like any other powerful blender, it’s rather loud – but it does the job quickly.
  • You will have to fill the gas tank every time you go out. But you can of course carry a can of gas with you.

The best online deal on a Tailgator blender

Tailgator portable blenderAmazingly, the blender with all the amazing features, is a lot cheaper than you might think. As a matter of fact, many online retailers are offering it for only $450.

However, you can get an even better deal on the Tailgator blender from Amazon and a carry case to go with it. Click the link below to learn more or place your order:

The Original Tailgator Gas Blender with Carry Case


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  1. Jade
    6 years ago

    Just a tip that I have used in the past: Save the pulp after juicing, freeze it and use it for baking. We store it in frzeeer bags in 2-cup amounts, then thaw it to use in cake and bread recipes. What ever fruit juices you like, add a little carrot or celery. They are hardly noticeable in flavor, and add to the nutrients of fruits.