Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend – Yet Another Amazing Innovation By Breville


Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend – Yet Another Amazing Innovation By Breville

Do you know the Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend is equally efficient whether working as a juicer or a blender? It means you get two appliances for the price of one – yes, there are other multipurpose machines that, to some extent, can act as a juicer as well as a blender, but at the end of the day they’re either a juicer or a blender. The Breville BJB840XL, however, comes with two separate interchangeable juicer and blender attachments for flawless operating.

Is that the only reason to buy this juicer-cum-blender? In short, No… let’s explore all the motives in this short review from juicers&

Breville BJB840XL description and features

Whether you want fresh splash of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheat grass or you want to gulp delicious sorbet, milkshakes, smoothies or cocktails, Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend will stand up to the challenge.

The highlights include substitutable juicer/blender attachments, die-cast base, approximately 3” wide chute, 5 variable speeds, overload protection, and the amazing Hemisphere™ Blade and Bowl Technology.

Juicers and recipes for juicer

You also get two 51-oz. and 40-oz. jugs with froth separator. Juicer is almost 13” x 8” x 17” with a 1000-watt motor while the blender is nearly 8” x 8” x 18” with a 1200-watt motor. All the attachments are dishwasher safe.

Should you really buy the Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend?

Different juicers/blenders are designed and manufactured with a particular set of users, having different needs, in mind. Only you can decide whether the Breville BJ840XL is for your or not.

But don’t worry, we are standing beside you; and will divulge all the major shortcomings and advantages of this juice and blend to make your decision easy.

First, let’s have a look at its cons:

Large amount of produce is wasted if…

You don’t read and follow the recommended speed, as given on the listing chart in the user manual, for the typical item. It might take you some time to get familiar with the settings, but once you do, juicing will be fun.

Assembling/disassembling takes time

Being a hybrid machine, it’s not as simple to set up or take apart as most plain juicers – but no rocket science involved either.

The 3” feed tube iswell, not 3”

Though Breville boasts the feed chute to be 3-inch wide, it’s actually just over 2.5” – and their claim to insert whole apples is ridiculous. That simply means there will be some prep work.

Ok, now let’s move on to the major benefits of the Breville BJB840Xl:

Juicer, blender, smoothie maker, or whatever

Attach the appropriate attachment and throw anything at your Breville – you’ll get what you want; be it fresh, healthy, pulp-free and foam-free juice or smoothest smoothies, thick milkshakes etc…

Price does matter

When you look at the price, it doesn’t seem very cheap, right? Now, consider a low-priced blender and a low-priced juicer, add their price… you’ll get anything over $800 whereas your Breville Juice and Blend costs you almost half of that!

If you don’t like to clean a juicer/blender, you’ll hate using it

Happily, that’s not the case with your Breville BJB840Xl. Though there are several parts to clean, you just need to wipe them with a wet towel or put them under running water. You’ll love cleaning your Breville and you’ll love making wonderful recipes with it.

Strong build is the trademark of Breville

Take ANY kitchen appliance by Breville, you may criticize anything but its durable construction. The Breville juice and blend is made of long-lasting, die-cast metal with commercial precision. Simply put, it’s unbreakable!

Who cares about noise? … We do!

Another big plus of this juicer-cum-blender is that even though the blender as well as the juicer features very powerful motor, yet it makes trifling noise. The blender makes a little more noise than the juicer, especially when blending hard produces but you can talk without having to yell when the machine is operating.

Getting the cheapest deal on the Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend

Are you in for the unique experience to enjoy blending and juicing from the same appliance? If yes, here’s the good news: Amazon is currently offering a massive (almost unmissable) discount on the Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend; click the link below to learn more or enjoy the mega discount!

Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend on Amazon

Be sure to read more juicer reviews if this is not the one for you 🙂


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