Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide by Farnoosh Brock [kindle book review]


Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide by Farnoosh Brock [kindle book review]

Quick overview

  • Title: Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide
  • Author: Farnoosh Brock
  • Our rating: 8/10
  • Date published: January 17, 2012
  • Total pages: 85
  • Category: Best juicing books

Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide by Farnoosh Brock is a detailed, step-by-step guide to green juicing for beginners as well as old juicing hands. As the name suggests, it’s an all-inclusive guide for people who want to reap the health benefits of greens. It also features ten green recipes – the only ten recipes you’ll ever need (the Skin Smoother and the Flue Fighter became our personal favourites). Some jokers actually compare the book to Clint Eastwood’s famous spaghetti western, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, as the book reveals the good the bad and the ugly truths and practices relating to green juices.

If you follow the instructions from most other green juicing books, you might get the feeling that you’re forcing something into your daily routine which is annoying and might quickly result in demotivation, but Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide shows exactly how you can ease into green juicing. The writer also shares tips on how to manage different situations, especially if you have a sensitive stomach or if you’re going green for the very first time.

About the author of the green juicing guide

Review of the Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide by Farnoosh BrockFarnoosh Brock is an author, multi-passion entrepreneur, speaker, Ashtanga Yogini, green juice expert and the owner of Prolific Living Inc. She left her career of twelve years at a Fortune 100 company to start Prolific Living.

You might not find much info about writers of juicing guides, let alone getting in touch with them, but you can easily find as well as interact Farnoosh through social media.



What’s inside?

Let’s take a look at the table of contents to see what you can expect form the book

  • Introduction to Green Juicing
  • How to Best Use this Guide
  • What is Green Juicing Anyway?
  • The Top 10 Benefits that Make Green Juicing Ridiculously Compelling
  • Why You Will Need a Juicer
  • How to Select the Right Juicer for You
  • Why Packaged Juices Are Best Avoided
  • The 5 Things You Really Need to Know before Juicing
  • What if You Don’t Like the Taste of Fresh Vegetable Juice?
  • When and Why to Modify the Recipes to Your Needs
  • How to Keep Up the Habit and How to Recover from a Lapse
  • On Shopping, Planning and Knowing Your Vegetables
  • What to Know before Starting
  • The Only 10 Juicing Recipes You Will Ever Need (The Compact Cleanser, The Efficient Energizer, The Instant Invigorator, The Rehydrating Refresher, The Definite Detoxer, The Catalyst Cooler, The Skin Smoother, The Flu Fighter, The Sensible Soother, The Perfect Purifier)
  • Conclusion and What Most Matters on Your Green Juicing Journey
  • About the author

Pros of Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide

  • Simple and step-by-step guide, touches  almost all the important aspects for green juicing, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners as well as gurus
  • Pinpoints the most common mistakes newbies tend to make
  • Some people might criticise the book for featuring only ten recipes, but how many recipes would you try if this book had say 300 recipes? You can try all the ten recipes, plus their variations, and you can get obtain almost all the benefits of different types of green juices from them

Cons of Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide

  • Some info is repeated
  • Some people have mentioned the book being a bit expensive but it is actually priced along the same lines as similar Kindle titles

Grab your copy (at an incredibly discounted price)

Whether you have any questions about green juicing, or just want to start gulping down the most refreshing green recipes, Farnoosh Brock’s Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide has something for you. But in case you want to save a few bucks on your copy, click the link below to check out Amazon’s discounted offer:

Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide

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