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When you have decided to take up a juicing lifestyle, the next question you’re faced with is where to buy juicers. Don’t worry, we have also been there and our online juicer guide is born from us spending a lot of time looking into various options before making our first juicer purchase.

There is of course a plethora of vendors out there offering good juicers for sale. Many stores stock the more common models of juicers and then when you enter the realm of the internet you can locate and buy pretty much any model juicer ever manufactured. There’s a multitude of websites offering products, offers and at times contrasting and contradicting information from one to the next.

Plow through all these long enough and you will have forgotten where the search actually started and when hours have passed you might not have anything to show for it.

Which is one of the reasons why we in the end recommend Amazon for buying juicers.

Online Juicer Guide

Our online juicer guide will feature links for purchasing each item that we review and publish information about. We will of course keep an eye out if there are offers or special deals to be had elsewhere, but do not be surprised to find most of our links leading to Amazon.

For in the end it is not all about the money, its also about buying your juicer from a well established and trusted vendor who guarantees safe online transactions and prompt delivery of your purchases. Besides all that, with the modern day price awareness you’re rarely saving big money by shopping around. Is the time spent rooting around, looking where to buy juicers in the hope of saving nickels and dimes not better used towards getting on with your juicing?

Each to his own of course but the first order of business evolves around establishing which juicer is best suited to your personal needs!

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