What is Juice Fasting?


What is Juice Fasting?

The trend is spreading like wild fire, and I am sure you have heard of it even if you may not know all the details – so really, what is juice fasting?

The basics of juice fasting are fairly simple – it is a fasting diet, lasting anything from a day to several weeks, in which you rely entirely on juices for your daily intake of nutrients. This means no solid food, no soft drinks, no coffee or any other stimulant, and basically nothing whatsoever apart from juices and water. It is important to note that people suffering from serious ailments should take care to consult with their physician prior to embarking on a juice fast.

Reasons for Juice Fasting

Juice fasting has been around for quite some time, but has recently sparked new interest as more and more people are starting to realize the positive effects it can have on both body and soul. The reasons for fasting vary, as it may have many different positive effects on your body, both biologically and mentally.

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People often focus on the value of juice fasting for weight-loss, but that is only one of many reasons why so many people turn to it. Primarily, juice fasting is a great way to finally kick off that old habit that you just can’t shake. If you want to quit smoking, eating snacks, drinking alcohol or coffee, or whatever bad habit you have, juice fasting might just be perfect for you.

The Process of Juice Fasting

Some might say juice fasting sounds like an extremely bland alternative to eating and drinking “regular” foods and drinks, but if you keep an open mind you will quickly come to realize that there are quite a number of interesting juices out there. When fasting you should vary your intake, with about half of the juices based on green vegetables. Please refer to our juice recipe section for some ideas and inspiration!

What is Juice Fasting?

There are as many different versions of juice fasting as there are people.A common pattern, however, is to start out the day with a “light juice”; in other words a glass of lukewarm water with some lemon juice in it. You then spread out your “meals” of juices throughout the days, about two hours apart from each other and with your last juice around three hours before bedtime.

For your first fast, you will probably want to go for a shorter period, lasting at least a day and at most three days. This still takes quite a toll on your body, however, as it is so used to solid food, and you will be surprised at how different you feel after just a few hours, not to mention three days. Juice fasting is indeed a fascinating subject with quite an unearthed potential, that is now slowly being discovered by more and more people every day.


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