What is a Cold Press Juicer?


What is a Cold Press Juicer?

We’ve talked a lot about juicing device and what to think about when getting one before, but one area we haven’t really touched on is that of the two primary types of juicing machine. So let’s get on it and answer the big question – what is actually the difference between a centrifugal, and a cold press juicer?

What is Special about a Cold Press Juicer?

The traditional type, with the technical name “centrifugal juicer”, is probably the one you first think of when thinking of a juicing machine. It’s a nifty tool which basically uses a sharp metal blade which spins around at great speed and basically separating the juice from the flesh via pure speed and force.
As opposed to this we have the cold press juicers, also known as a slow press or simply slow. This is the newer generation of device with many advantages over the traditional type, and they basically work by crushing the fruits and vegetables instead of meshing them with a steel blade.

The Advantages of a Cold Press Juicers

As this newer type of device doesn’t work up the same speed, they avoid two things that are usually quite annoying with centrifugal juicers – they don’t produce as much heat, and they are much quieter. This isn’t just about comfort, as the heat in traditional ones actually breaks down some of the natural nutrients in the fruits and vegetables. With a machine like this you can actually retain more of the nutrients, making for a healthier meal.

The cold press machine is just as fast as the regular kind and falls within a slightly higher price range, but apart from this there are only advantages to picking one. Apart from the nutrient retention and noise, these juicing machine are also much better in overall processing, and can handle items such as leafy greens and nuts without a problem. They also keep the fruit pulp much better, this is rich in fibers and can be used for various recipes.

What is a Cold Press Juicer?

So which will you go for? Well, as always it all comes down to personal preference. If you’re planning to make juicing a big part of your life (or if it already is), I’d say the best thing is to go for the cold press machine, getting all its advantages along with it. What do you think?


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