Vitamix Quiet One Blender – 5 Reasons It’s The King


Vitamix Quiet One Blender – 5 Reasons It’s The King

Is there a single commercial-grade blender that doesn’t make that intolerable noise? The plain answer to this question was a big NO – until Vitamix Quiet One Blender with 48oz container was made available for purchase.

Yes, it was Vitamix – one of the biggest and most popular brands of the United States – again which made it possible, with an amazing, rather miraculous technology i.e. the stackable Advance® container and floating sound enclosure.

If you drink a lot of cocktails, juices, milkshakes, smoothies etc. the tiny, fragile blenders don’t stand a chance of lasting even one year. You need a commercial blender that would last a lifetime. But these blenders, having an ultra-powerful motor, are so noisy that you’ll dread blending anything. This is where Vitamix’s new wonder, the quiet one blender makes your life easy – we at Juicers and Recipes are very taken by this machine.

The Quiet One Blender from Vitamix
What you are paying for?

Vitamix The Quiet One On-Counter Commercial Blender comes with everything you can desire in a blender. The powerful 3 HP motor, 48oz. (1.4 Liter) extra-large container, removable compact cover, and cutting-edge blade assembly are its main components.

Being a heavy-duty blender, it’s a big machine and measures 18.0 x 8.5 x 10.7 inches when fully assembled.

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Other amazing highlights include six program buttons with 34 preset blending routines, unparalleled sound reduction mechanism, exceptional blends for improved speed of service, magnetically secured back cover, superior keypad sealing and one piece circuit board.

Who is Vitamix quiet one blender for?

The blender is basically designed for coffeehouses, high-end bars, juice parlors, fitness centers and other hangouts where people are craving for massive quantities of delicious and healthy drinks.

Why the Vitamix Quiet One Blender beats all?

Simply no other blender can match this new innovation by Vitamix because of the following five reasons:

  1. The blender is up to 4 times quieter than its closest competition when making milkshake – one of the most demanding recipes. This innovative vibration dampening technology ensures you blend with your Vitamix in a pleasant atmosphere – be it for your customers or in your kitchen.
  2. Cleaning your blender is nothing but fun. The magnetically secured floating sound enclosure (which doesn’t have any screws) makes it easier to disassemble and wash the unit.
  3. It’s a highly customizable and extremely easy to use machine. There are 6 program buttons with 34 preprogramed blending routines for easy and consistent blending. You can also easily create your custom blending routines for your favorite drinks.
  4. The juicer is designed for high performance and utmost endurance. The powerful ≈ 3 peak (output) HP motor can make wide variety of recipes, in a few seconds.
  5. For commercial usage, the blender is backed by a three year warranty on motor, base, parts and a one year warranty on labor.

Any downside?

Just like any other commercial-blender it’s expensive. Not as expensive as some blenders that cost you well over two thousand bucks, but only health-conscious souls and juicing enthusiasts will consider buying it.

Why pay more for the Quiet one Vitamix blender? 

Amazon is currently offering the Vitamix Quit One Blender at a ridiculously discounted price. Act now while it’s still at its lowest price. Click the link below to learn more or place your order:

Buy the Vitamix The Quiet One Blender on Amazon.

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