Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series Blender Review


Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series Blender Review

There are so many reasons to buy a Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series and there is only one issue, the high price which holds people back from getting this blender. The question is: who is smarter, those who buy a Vitamix 1709 blender or those who decide to hold on to their money and spring for a cheaper option? The answer is pretty interesting, those who spend on this ‘expensive’ blender actually save a lot more money compared to others in terms of cut-rate eating routine and doctor bills.

As they say it’s not a blender, it’s Vitamix – you can make a diverse range of amazing dishes with it. If you had to go out for smoothies, cocktails, juices, ice-creams, sorbets, desserts and other beverages, you will save the money you shelled out on the Vitamix in just one year of use.

About the Vitamix 1709 Blender

This blender is manufactured by the joint venture of Vitamix and the Culinary Institute of America. For most people, the fact it has the CIA’s approval means this blender is worth the price.

It’s equipped with 2-plus peak horsepower motor which spins the stainless-steel blades at a speed of 240 miles per hour. Can you name anything that can withstand such powerful grinding?

The extra-large 64-ounce polycarbonate jar is another masterwork of innovation. It makes sure that you get the smoothest smoothies by forcing the components towards the blades by creating a powerful vortex. When your cocktail is ready, it will stay fresh in the jar for an extended period of time.

This multipurpose kitchen appliance really works great for blending, juicing, grinding, pureeing, chopping, and more.

You also get two recipe books loaded with the best recipes from the topnotch chefs of the country and an instructional DVD which helps you get the most out of your blender.

Is the Vitamix 1709 CIA Blender the one for you?

If you’re looking for the best-quality, versatile and easy to use blender, the Vitamix 1709 CIA professional series is the way to go. Yes, it costs you a few extra bucks but in return it gives you a lot more than you might expect. You don’t have to break a sweat since the blender is easy to operate and very easy to clean.

Juicers and Recipes for juicers online

Beware, there’s a learning curve with this machine. No, it’s not a complex device, however, it will take some time for you to get the hang of when to use the high speed and when to lower it, how much liquid should you add and how long you should blend different types of food.

Pros of Vitamix 1709 CIA professional series

  • Grinds up things from nuts to grains to frozen bananas, that others blenders simply can’t
  • Even at lower speed, you’ll have your cocktail ready in seconds
  • Extremely easy to use (thanks to the simple interface) and needs warm water to clean in just 2 minutes
  • Made in the USA, all materials used are ultra-durable and covered with a full warranty of 7 years
  • Giant 64-ounce BPA-free Eastman Tritan co-polyester container ensures a smooth and fresh brew
  • Spill-proof vented lid with a removable plug
  • Patented Tamper makes processing thicker mixtures easy
  • Vitamix is a name you can trust – it holds an A+ with the Better Business Bureau and has been a member since 1967

Cons of Vitamix 1709 CIA professional Series

  • The only issue with this blender is its relatively high price. But it surely is worth every dime and will save you a lot more money in the long run.

Where to get the best deal?

The normal list price for Vitamix 1709 CIA professional series is $599.00. >But we are happy to reveal that Amazon is offering it at a considerably better price and with FREE super saver shipping. Click the below link to learn more or get your Vitamix at the lowest price:

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series



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