Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series – It’s Not A Blender, It’s A Swiss Army Knife!


What can this Vitamix 1363 CIA professional series blender / magic device not do? Read our review to find out where to buy Vitamix at the best price … It fulfills all your needs of blending, chopping, juicing, grinding, pureeing, ice-cream making and more.

To help you assess this amazing blender, let’s do an in-depth analysis of this masterpiece produced in a joint venture of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and the developer. That basically means joining the forces of truly demanding professionals who know exactly what they want with the engineering skills and craft of a well respected and established manufacturer. That’s how you make a truly great product! I like to stay abreast of all developments within the field and therefore have read a lot of Vitamix cia professional series reviews. The general consensus when you break it down is pretty unanimous in hailing these as professional grade utensils that live up to the price tag and are a huge asset to any kitchen.

About the Vitamix CIA Professional Series

Equipped with 2+ peak HP motor, it can generate a blade speed of up to 240 MPH – that’s amazingly fast. Just throw in anything and the laser-cut blades will turn it into the smoothest smoothie you have ever tasted.

CIA Serie 64 Oz. Blender
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on May 30, 2012

With all parts made from quality, this versatile counter top appliance is really well-built and thought out. The extra-large carafe can hold up to 64 ounces of beverage. The smart design of the jar forces the ingredients down towards the blades to ensure thorough blending.

You get a couple of recipe books full of top-quality recipes from topnotch chefs from around the country and an instructional DVD to walk you through the whole process of getting the most out of your amazing new kitchen appliance.

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Is the 1363 model the best Vitamix for you?

If all you want to make is a couple of smoothies, consider a cheaper brand of blender. This Vitamix food processor can do so much more than just blending, it borders on being insulting to this amazing device to reduce it to such a simple moniker. It’s for those who want a multi purpose kitchen tool that acts as a smoothie maker, juicer, food factory, ice-cream maker, grinder and more. Questions such as “which Vitamix should I buy” are put to me more often than you’d believe and I always try and ask some questions back; what do you want it for, how much are you willing to spend etc. This model here I would feel comfortable to recommend to pretty much anyone, thanks to its incredible versatility.

Pros of the Vitamix 1363

  • It’s the best quality smoothie maker available on the market
  • This CIA professional series Vitamix is an all-in-one appliance, from a smoothie maker to a juice extractor to an all round food factory
  • The user interface is extremely simple. You can choose from 10 different speeds for efficient blending of any sort of ingredient
  • The base as well as the BPA-Free, shatter-proof jar are sturdy and will last many years. On top of that, the product is covered by a full 7-year warranty
  • The smart design ensures exhaustive mixing of virtually any type of produce
  • You need only 10 minutes to make your smoothie or cocktail and clean the blender
  • It’s extremely fast. When the sharp, laser-cut blades spin at 240 MPH, nothing will withstand their wrath!

Cons of the 1363 model

  • Since the machine is ultra-powerful, it’s also rather loud – which is to be expected from a 2 horsepower appliance. However, it’s extremely fast and you can make smoothies from the toughest items in no time at all and therefore won’t have to endure the noise for long.
  • As a bit of a curio, try turning the dial back and forth between 1 to 10 and your blender will make a revving sound like a Lamborghini Aventandor 😀 – Not really a con, I actually find it super cool!

Where to buy a 1363 model Vitamix blender

Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series BlenderNow, how would you like to save 100+ dollars on the purchase? Unbelievable right? All Vitamix reviews seem to agree that the asking price is fair considering what you get but I spotted an offer on Amazon and would suggest you hurry on over there and check if its still valid – follow the link below:

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CIA Professional Series 64 Oz. Blender Color: Platinum

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