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Twin gear juicers, sometimes also referred to as triturating juicers, are the best type of juicers available in the market. They are similar to single-auger juicers, but have two gears which are usually 0.1 mm apart and are generally made of stainless steel. These two gears rotate at a low speed (between 80 RPM and 200 RPM) and extract the deep-seated nutrients and enzymes form all types of produces.

Twin-gear juicers are more efficient, sturdier and pricier compared to any other type of juicer machines. They produce the best quality juice, which can be stored for extended period of time. Most juice bars, restaurants and fitness centers prefer triturating juicers.

These juicers can process almost any type of produce and can also be used for making a variety of the other recipes, but they are not very easy to clean.

Usually, these juicers are slightly more complicated to use and are not considered ideal for beginners. Though most nutritionist and juicing gurus recommend this type of juicers, they are less common because of their higher price tag.

If you want to learn more about this type of juicers i.e. what you should look for in a triturating juicer, how these juicers work, what are their pros and cons etc, then read What is a twin gear juicer before proceeding.

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What Is A Twin Gear Juicer?

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