Tru Power Juicer Review


Tru Power Juicer Review

Today we are reviewing the Tru Power Juicer, which belongs to a relatively new line of juicers. It is very affordable, and people have already started comparing it with the Breville Juicers. Even though the price is nominal and there are a couple of caveats, yet as a whole, the juicer didn’t disappoint us at all. If you want to enjoy fresh homemade juices but can’t afford an upscale machine, Tru might be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Let’s get to know the juicer in a bit more detail.

What to expect from your
Tru Power Juicer

It’s an easy to use centrifugal juicer and is ideal for processing harder items. To test the limits, we juiced carrots, celery, beets, tomatoes, oranges, apples, lemons, limes, pineapple, blueberries, cucumbers, and were amazed by the high yield. It does a fairly good job when extracting sap from softer items, however, not recommended for leafy greens or citrus fruits.

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The build looks pretty sturdy and the exterior is glossy and beautiful. The biggest highlight of the juicer is its extra-wide chute which can accept whole small apples and most other items. Cleaning the juicer is also very easy. In short, it minimizes all sorts of pains generally attached to juicing.

Things you will love about the Tru Power Juicer

  • Extra-large feed chute
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly operation
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Sturdy build
  • High yield
  • The free brush that comes with the juicer (it really makes cleaning those cracks a snap)

Shortcomings of the Tru Power Juicer

  • It’s a loud juicer – but it’s a common problem with almost all the centrifugal juicers. The good thing is it’s very quick and you’ll hear the noise for a very short while (simply put, you won’t be violating the OSHA hearing standards)
  • To dismantle the unit, you’ve to pull out the screws which is obviously a hassle
  • When juicing softer items, the yield is on the lower side and you’ll get a mushy pulp, so it’s good to reprocess it. In case you’re buying a juicer for mainly juicing soft items and greens, go for a masticating juicer instead

What people are saying about Tru

If you take a look at the Amazon reviews of the juicer, most users are extremely satisfied with the build and working of the juicer. Being a relatively new model, at the time of writing this juicer review, the juicer had about 13 reviews and had received a rating of 4.5/5 which in other words means, highly recommended.

The best place to buy a Tru Power Juicer

The Tru Power Juicers is very affordable so you don’t have to shopping around in order to get a good deal. But if you are concerned about the return policy and customer service, we recommend Amazon – the largest and the most reliable online retailer. Click the link below to learn more about this juicer or to place your order:

Tru Power JuicerExtra Wide Feed Chute

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  1. Alicia
    4 years ago

    I have owned this juicer for a year. The juice pulp extractor basket is worn, and is coming apart despite best efforts to keep it cleaned and hand washing it. (It has never gone through a dishwasher) I cannot find parts for this juicer anywhere, the company does not respond to inquiries to order a replacement basket. If only parts subject to wearing out were available for replacement this would be an excellent product. It’s held up otherwise. Of course, now, a year later, I will need to buy another juicer. Just be aware that if you juice several times a week or daily, you will need a replacement basket at some point and you can’t buy them for this product.

  2. Kristjan Mar
    4 years ago

    Thanks for the tip Alicia – that’s a major issue I have to say. Real shame that you can’t just get a replacement basket!