Toastmaster 1109 Citrus Juicer Review


Toastmaster 1109 Citrus Juicer Review

A small but amazing juicer – that’s what most people say after using the Toastmaster 1109 Citrus Juicer that we have up for review here. It’s one of the most affordable electric juicers, if not the most affordable one. Yet there are a lot of tiny bits that will amaze you as you use it over the time: high yield, easy operation, very easy cleanup, tidy cord storage underneath with a hook to hold the cord tight, and the beautiful design itself!

Most of us don’t need citrus juices on daily basis, which makes the Toastmaster 1109 Citrus Juicer an ideal choice for household use. But if you want more than a few ounces of citrus juice almost every day, you might need to dig a bit deeper into your wallet and get a pricier model.

About the Toastmaster 1109 juicer

The beautiful detachable pitcher can hold up to 34-ounce of liquid. There’s also a dust cover, so you can store the juice in the pitcher. The body is made of high-quality plastic and the white finish is surely eye-catching. Whether you want your orange juice to be pulpy or 100% pulp-free, all you need to do is adjust the pulp regulator.

Review of the 1109 model citrus juicer from Toastmaster

Unlike most other citrus juicers that come with only one cone (and make juicing citruses of different sizes a sheer pain) the Toastmaster comes with two cones so you can juice from small lemons to outsized grapefruits, efficiently.

What you will love about your Toastmaster:

  • It’s probably the easiest juicer to clean; mostly you would need to simply detach the pitcher, hold it (and the cone) under running water for a while and that’s it. If there are any drops on the body, just wipe them clean with a wet towel.
  • Two different juicing cones to extract juice from citruses of varying sizes
  • There’s an auto-reversing motor designed for extracting the maximum amounts of juice
  • The juicer allows you to regulate the pulp going into your juice with a pulp adjuster
  • Very economical, and yet you get 1-year limited warranty

What you might not like

  1. The rubber feet are rather fragile and might pop out – but the juicer will still keep going strong
  2. The motor is not too powerful, and if you apply excessive pressure, it will make a weird noise
  3. The juicer is very lightweight and might wiggle a bit on your countertop

What others are saying about it

Currently, there are only a handful of reviews of this juicer on Amazon but, considering its price, it has a very good rating. There are people who claim to have used similar models from the same manufacturers for many years. Most users seem to be happy with the price and how easy it is to clean.

Where to get the best deal on a Toastmaster

To get your Toastmaster 1109 Citrus Juicer at the lowest price, place your order from Amazon and enjoy their limited time discount offer. Click the link below to check out this offer or read more user reviews:

Toastmaster 1109 Citrus Juicer on



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