The “Spinach, Fennel, Cucumber & Celery ” Juicing Recipe


The “Spinach, Fennel, Cucumber & Celery ” Juicing Recipe

This is a juicing recipe that doesn’t contain fruit, it is made up of spinach, fennel, cucumber and celery. This fact could scare you away, but don’t be frightened – this is a delicious juice! We first tried it while on a juicing fast, and thought it was a very different, very original juice. I guess it was because of the fennel, such a singular tasting legume!

Be careful with the fennel though: it gives taste, but it can also be quite overpowering… We found out we prefered the juice with only ½ a bulb, but this also decreases the nutritional value, and the quantity, so I advise you to try the original juice recipe, and make the modification only if you feel the need!

Spinach Fennel Cucumber and Celery juicing recipe

1 Fennel Bulb

1 Cucumber

3 Celery Stalks

3 cups Spinach

Spinach, Fennel, Cucumber & Celery juice

Spinach, Fennel, Cucumber & Celery juice


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  1. Anna
    6 years ago

    well, i juiced for a whole day and then dcieded to just go with eating a plant based diet, and cut out all meat and dairy from my diet. i’ve lost 15lbs since and am on a roll to lose more weight. i wish you the best of luck! I do juice lunch or dinner and then mix in veggies and fruits to eat.

  2. Farnoosh
    6 years ago

    Gonna be pinning that last photo into the Greenterest board, it’s YUMMY looking!!!!