The Smoothie for Weight Loss


The Smoothie for Weight Loss

We both started juicing to be healthier, but also to lose some weight. And juicing has definitely proved to be the best and definitely healthier way to do so. This smoothie for weight loss recipe is a great substitute for breakfast. Even if you don’t want to do a juice fast, just substituting the breakfast for this recipe will definitely help you lose weight. If you want more inspiration, you can check other juicing recipes that we’ve tried here.

It will also help sending signals to your body that you are changing your diet. When dieting, it’s very important to keep in mind that craving means your body’s way f saying it’s in the process of getting used to the new nutrition it isĀ receiving. So if you stick to your diet changes, in time you’ll feel the cravings will diminish, and your body will start wanting healthy food. It truly is a most amazing feeling when you open your fridge, and you look at that celery stalk and you actually crave it šŸ™‚

smoothie recipe for losing weight with apple ginger avocado lime cucumber celery

The Smoothie For Weight Loss

2 red Apples
2 Celery stalks
1/3 Cucumber
1 Lime (peeled)
Ginger (a 3cm chunck)
1/2 Avocado

For this recipe, you will need both the juicer and the blender. First juice the apples, celery, cucumber, lime and ginger. Then blend the juice, the avocado and the ice. If you aren’t sure about which type of juicer to use, please refer to our “Masticating vs. Centrifugal Juicers” page.

We found this smoothie very tasty and easy to make. It’s full of good things for your body… Click on the ingredients’ list above to know more about the nutrition benefits of these ingredients!

Change your diet helps with this yummy smoothie recipe that will help you lose weight. Juicing for weight loss.

We had this smoothie for weight loss as a breakfast and it kept us fulfilled until mid-morning snack time. We got this lovely recipe from the book The Funky Fresh Juice Book, by Jason Vale. It’s FULL of amazing recipes! We can’t recommend this book enough… we use it daily as a source of great recipes but also of inspiration.



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