The Apple Carrot and Ginger Juice Mix


The Apple Carrot and Ginger Juice Mix

This is a simple mix, yet it satisfies the juicer in us 🙂 We found this carrot based juice perfect for an afternoon snack… for those moments you feel you should eat and get some nutrition, but doesn’t want to really have a huge meal between main meals. You can spice up this apple, carrot and ginger juice with bits of mango, tangerine, kiwi… but on its own simplicity this is a beautiful juice.

The main tip here is to choose organic and really prime quality fruit for this juice mix. Since there are only 3 ingredients their flavours really cut through, so if any of them is not that fresh, or lacking in flavour, the whole mix will be affected… so really take the fruits sourcing in consideration before juicing this one!


The Apple Carrot and Ginger Juice Mix for Juicing

3 carrots
2 apples
1 small piece of ginger (about 1 inch)


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