Sugarcane Juice Machine – A Compact Workhorse


Sugarcane Juice Machine – A Compact Workhorse

If you are looking for an efficient, sturdy and compact sugarcane juice machine, then consider the Fleetwood Food Processing Eq. MCI. This top-quality, commercial-grade machine can process up to 170 canes in just 60 minutes. Its compact design – which can save up to 30% of the space as compared to most other sugarcane juice machines – is its biggest plus.

Product details of the Fleetwood sugarcane juice machine

It’s an ideal juice machine for your business, if you want to serve your customers fresh and healthy sugarcane juice without sacrificing too much space. The machine comes with an outsized juice collector, a juice strainer and a tap for continuous flow.

The body and the rollers are made of heavy-duty stainless steel. It is equipped with a 110 HP motor that rotates the rollers at just about an ideal speed i.e. not too fast to prevent even traces of juice from getting wasted, and not too slow that you have to wait for ages to get your container filled. It can process up to 170 canes in one hour to produce enough juice for an entire army.

The overall dimensions of the juice machine are 18.88 by 17.75 by 17.75 inches and it weighs nearly 200 pounds.

Benefits of the Fleetwood sugarcane juice machine

  • The compact design and the well-thought mechanism (which allows you to push in the canes at an optimal angle) result in saving up to 30% more space as compared to other sugarcane juice machines.
  • Made of long-lasting stainless steel, the juice machine is virtually indestructible
  • The rollers spin at an ideal speed to extract maximum juice in the shortest possible time – almost 3 canes can be processed per minute
  • The juice strainer makes sure you don’t get even the tiniest bits of cane in your juice
  • With the help of the tap, you can juice continuously and collect it in a glass or in the container

Shortcomings of the Fleetwood sugarcane juice machine

  • Though it’s a compact machine, the stainless steel body weighs a massive 200 pounds, the heaviest juicer we have ever reviewed! But don’t be too alarmed, in this case it is a tradeoff between portability and durability

The best deal on the Fleetwood sugarcane juice machine

Whenever making a business investment, you want the highest ROI. Why not start with getting your gears at the lowest price? And if you want to get your Fleetwood Food Processing Eq. MCI sugarcane juice machine at the most economical price, order it from Amazon. Click the link below to learn more or place your order now:

Fleetwood Food Processing Eq. MCI Sugar Cane Juicer


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