Some Juicing Related Gift Ideas for Christmas 2012


Some Juicing Related Gift Ideas for Christmas 2012

So yeah, that time of the year is upon us yet again. Christmas is a time of giving and it struck me, why not list some juicing related gift ideas for Christmas 2012? We have reviews of various juicers and blenders, plus juice recipe book reviews are pouring in and on top of all that, there are all sorts of neat and interesting things that you can give to either a juicing aficionado or novice that you want to point in the right direction. Asides from all that, I think I’ll have fun picking out things to compile this list!

So without further ado, here is the Juicers&Recipes list of juicing related ideas for xmas gifts, note that I’ve linked each item to Amazon for you and to our full review where applicable:

  • Fat Sick & Nearly Dead This wonderful film is actually what turned me and my wife toward juicing, so it feels fitting to put it first. As you might assume, it is heavily focused on juicing and tells a fascinating story of seriously obese people improving their health and life with the aid of juicing.
  • Bella Centrifugal Juice Extractor – (full review) Ok, so this one won’t last a lifetime but how good is that to be able to buy a decent beginners centrifugal for under $40? Perfect gift for someone who you want to encourage to try juicing.
  • Hamilton Beach 51103 Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid How about this one for the man/woman on the move? No excuse for not juicing while travelling for business, just take this with you. Or make the juice at home, snap on the travel lid and drink it on your way to work.
  • Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer – (full review) This is a serious investment but with this piece of machinery you are setting the recipient up for decades to come. A great juicer, currently available at a considerable discount.
  • Takeya Airtight Drink Maker Pitcher, Set of Two You should of course drink your juice as fresh as possible, since oxidation causes loss of some of the nutrients. If you need to store juice you should store it in an airtight container. Currently half price!
  • 7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet – (full review) Jason Vale is not as well recognized in America as he is back  in the UK. There are many good juicing books out there and we’d definitely put this towards to the top of that list. The author is living proof of ‘juicing miracles’.

Types of masticating juicers

  • Wheatgrass Growing Kit W-400 If you know someone who is serious about their juicing, then this makes a perfect gift. Its a logical next step in the process. Wheatgrass is super healthy and growing your own is actually relatively easy.
  • The Juicing Bible – (full review) An award winning book which lives up to the name. A revised and updated version was released some years back and if you’re not sure which should be his or hers first juicing book, we say this is the one.
  • Calphalon Contemporary Fruit/Vegetable Knife Set Juicing isn’t just about throwing stuff into a machine and collecting the juice; at times there is peeling and cutting involved and it so much easier to do when you have good tools for the job.
  • Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Juicer – (full review) This single gear beauty is a big seller on Amazon, Omega is a great brand in juicing gear. This one might be stretching your budget but a $100 discount does help right?
  • 500 Smoothies & Juices – (full review) The title says it all, this book works for any juicer from novice to master. A good starting point for the beginner and fresh inspiration for those who are more advanced.
  • Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer – (full review) We’re saving the best for last as they say. Not that you cannot get great juicing result with less expensive tools, but there is a reason they call this one the Rolls Royce of juicers!

Are you struggling to distinguish between masticating and centrifugal? Browse our site at will and hopefully you’ll find your answer 🙂

Am I making some glaring omission or do you have an idea for a juicing Christmas gift?
Please drop me a line in the comments section at the bottom of the page!


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