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The juicer is not enough, you need recipes for juicers so as to know what to feed that thing! Do not despair, juicing recipes are high up on our agenda, we hope to gradually build up a good collection of juice recipes to suit any juicing occasion that may occur in life. We won’t publish a juicer recipe just to fill some space, we’d rather post stuff that we actually know is good and will be of use for our readers. Our hope is the community will chip in and send us their recipes. For the time being we do not have a custom form for receiving these but if you are dying to share a juicing recipe, please enter it in the comments section of this page – if people respond well, we will create a section on the site to simplify the process of sending good juicer recipes 🙂

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The Apple, Beet and Carrot Recipe for Juicers

Juice Fast Recipes, Recipes for Juicers

We tried this juice during a 6 day juice fast, and this was a “breakfast” juice recipe. Those were difficult days, as it is indeed very challenging to get used to drink your nutrition for the whole day without masticating; so in that sense the first more »

Bountiful Brassica Juice Recipe

Juice Fast Recipes, Power Juices, Recipes for Juicers

This Brassica juice recipe was tried as part of a juice fast, using the juice fast recipes from the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. It was very filling, as we took it as a dinner juice, and tasty. We definitely recommend this juice recipe if you have a juicer, and want to incorporate healthier choices to your diet more »

The “Spinach, Fennel, Cucumber & Celery ” Juicing Recipe

Green Juice Recipes, Juice Fast Recipes, Recipes for Juicers

This is a juicing recipe that doesn’t contain fruit, it is made up of spinach, fennel, cucumber and celery. This fact could scare you away, but don’t be frightened – this is a delicious juice! We first tried it while on a juicing fast, and thought it was a very different more »

V28 Juice Recipe

Juice Fast Recipes, Recipes for Juicers, Vegetable and Legume Juice Recipes

This is an incredibly healthy juice recipe! The V28 juice is mostly, as the name suggests, a vegetable and legume juice, full of benefits for your body. We made this recipe for the first time during a juice diet, and I must say that when I first looked over it, I was a bit scared. But contrary to what I thought more »

The Juicer Recipe for Green Lemonade

Green Juice Recipes, Juice Fast Recipes, Recipes for Juicers

This is a recipe for a very tasty, very healthy version of a lemonade. Once again, this was done during a juice fast, and it was extremely easy, fast and fresh tasting. We love green juices, and thought this was one of the best juice recipes we had come across. Remember, when you’re juicing, to insert more »

What is a Cold Press Juicer?

Purple Power Juice Recipe

Fruit Juice Recipes, Juice Fast Recipes, Recipes for Juicers

We tried this recipe as part of a juice fast we did for 6 days. This was the first juice on the 2nd day, and it was very rewarding! It’s very tasty, and very sweet. A bit too sweet we thought, but then we used regular red seedless grapes instead of the Concord variety the recipe more »

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