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The juicer is not enough, you need recipes for juicers so as to know what to feed that thing! Do not despair, juicing recipes are high up on our agenda, we hope to gradually build up a good collection of juice recipes to suit any juicing occasion that may occur in life. We won’t publish a juicer recipe just to fill some space, we’d rather post stuff that we actually know is good and will be of use for our readers. Our hope is the community will chip in and send us their recipes. For the time being we do not have a custom form for receiving these but if you are dying to share a juicing recipe, please enter it in the comments section of this page – if people respond well, we will create a section on the site to simplify the process of sending good juicer recipes 🙂

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Clear Skin Smoothie Recipe for Juicer and Blender

Recipes for Juicers, Smoothies
    35 The Clear Skin Smoothie Recipe accomplishes 2 things: a great help when fighting skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, but it is also ultra delicious. If you are fighting a skin condition, this smoothie could improve your skin considerably. A good tip is having it as a breakfast, on an more »
Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

A Cool and Zingy Juice Recipe

Green Juice Recipes, Recipes for Juicers
    35 Very cool, very refreshing. This ultra green, beautiful and healthy juice recipe is perfect for very warm days… or maybe to refresh yourself after doing some exercise, or cleaning up your house. We thought this was very tasty, and a nice variation of green juice. And we really like the fennel in more »

The Healthy Cranberry Cosmopolitan: A Juicer and Blender Recipe

Power Juices, Recipes for Juicers
    35 We got this very refreshing juice recipe from the wonderful book , by Jason Vale, a.k.a. The Juice Master. It was a gift from a friend, and what a great book it is! We’ll talk more about it in another post though, and focus now on cranberries 🙂 We chose this recipe more »

A delicious ginger banana smoothie recipe for the smooth criminals

Recipes for Juicers, Smoothies
    35 We like to knock together a quick smoothie recipe in the mid afternoon, its like a quick fix for when you get a bit hungry and also helps you stock up on all sorts of goodness. We present this as a smoothie but we generally don’t make it very thick, you can more »

A Cleansing Blend Recipe for Juicers

Power Juices, Recipes for Juicers
    35 This power juicer recipe promises a blend to detox and cleanse you through an ingestion of very powerful, healthy ingredients. Reinvigorate and rejuvenate your system through the power of raw vegetables, all processed to optimal results in the juicer! As always, try to use only the best organic ingredients, the fresher you more »

The Seven Wonders: A Wonderful Juice Recipe

Recipes for Juicers, Vegetable and Legume Juice Recipes
    35 Seven ingredients make up this healthy, wonderful vegetable and legume juice recipe. But we only used six of them on ours because personally we really hate onions in our juices… but if you’re ok with them by all means, go for it! It’s still a Seven Wonders juice recipe – with or more »

The Apple Carrot and Ginger Juice Mix

Juicing for Kids, Recipes for Juicers
    35 This is a simple mix, yet it satisfies the juicer in us 🙂 We found this carrot based juice perfect for an afternoon snack… for those moments you feel you should eat and get some nutrition, but doesn’t want to really have a huge meal between main meals. You can spice up more »

A Green Dream… Juicing Recipe

Green Juice Recipes, Recipes for Juicers
    35 This green juice recipe makes up a perfect breakfast juice, and you get to use both your blender and juicer to make it! It’s all pretty simple, so don’t be put off by the idea of having to use two appliances… the juicing process is actually fun. First, prepare all the fruits more »
the best tools for juicing fruit and vegetables

Tabbouleh Juice Recipe for Juicer

Recipes for Juicers, Top Juicer Recipes, Vegetable and Legume Juice Recipes

I know, I know… the name is a bit frightening. We were a bit unsure when we first read this juice recipe, but since we were doing this as part of a juice diet, we decided to try the original recipe and, if we didn’t like something, to change it afterward. That was exactly the case: we didn’t more »

The Great Greens Juice

Green Juice Recipes, Green Vegetable Juice Recipes, Recipes for Juicers

This juice was a HUGE success in our household, and it’s now a favorite juice recipe! Full of green leaves, green legumes and green fruit, this blend has a very rich and very refreshing taste and works perfectly as an afternoon power snack. This was first tried as past of a juice fast. more »

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