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As the site has grown, I myself have found it increasingly difficult to immediately locate juicing resources that I know exist on the site – yeah, I know lack of organizing. But on top of that, I frequently get asked stuff like ‘What juicer would you recommend for $200’ and so on, so I figured it makes sense to pull the stuff that I personally swear by together in one place. So this is my attempt at that, but you can expect this section to gradually grow as I learn more.

Recipes / books on Juicing

I thought it would be easy to improvise when I first started juicing, let me tell you, I was wrong. The right balance of ingredients is essential to ensure you are enjoying your juice, rather than forcing it down! We have a recipes section on the site. There also some great titles available:

Centrifugal Juicers

This most common type of domestic juicers is what I would recommend without hesitation to anyone simply thinking to see ‘whether juicing works for me. You can visit our dedicated section here and checkout recommended models below.

Single Gear Masticators

The masticators are powerful beasts. They are indeed slow moving, but if you want to maximize the yield of the produce you are working with and minimize the heat, these are the tools. In depth data and reviews here and recommended models below.

Twin Gear Juicers

The absolute top of the line in juicing. Efficient, sturdy and what’s more, expensive. They can also be more complicated to operate, but still, its not rocket science. Reviews of individual machines are here but also check the models here below.

Citrus Juicers

Citrus fruits can of course be processed in some of the machines listed above. But I must say for myself, that I prefer to have a handy little unit for when I just want some OJ in the morning. Our citrus section is here and some nice models await you below.


You never know when one of these bad boys comes in handy. Multi-purpose machines, sometimes called upon when putting together elaborate recipes and useful for many other tasks. A list of our reviews here and some prime picks below.


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