Oscar Vitalmax Juicer Chrome – A Juice Extractor With An Unblemished Record


Oscar Vitalmax Juicer Chrome – A Juice Extractor With An Unblemished Record

Read online reviews of the Oscar Vitalmax juicer chrome, or just ask any of your friends/family who has used it, you won’t find a SINGLE dissatisfied customer! This is because Vitalmax has revolutionized the industry of juicing machines and has become a benchmark for others. The juicer has introduced several features, which are absent in other brands. But the best thing is that it isn’t as expensive as you might think. This juicer review covers every detail regarding the Vitalmax juicer. Note from Juicers and Recipes:
Be advised that this product is currently only available for purchase in Europe.

What’s so special about the Oscar Vitalmax Juicer?

This masticating juicer offers countless benefits over other juicers but there are three new features that really give it an edge:

  1. The juicer comes with the all-new 3-phase extraction auger whereas all the other gear juicers are only 2-phase
  2. It features the all-new 2-step juicing screen, yet another innovation as all the other juicers come with a single step screen
  3. The all-new combined motor and gearbox result in low vibration and low noise which increase the lifespan of the juicer

In short, the juicer takes efficiency, durability and productivity beyond your expectations. Being a multipurpose single-auger juicer, it can also act as a food processor. It comes with a high-quality, powerful 200 W motor with capacitors and external fan to keep the motor cool and spin out its life.

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It’s a medium-sized juicer that can fit anywhere in your kitchen, be it under the cabinet or on the countertop. The juicer weighs hefty 17.6 pounds – an insignia of commercial-grade equipment. It’s backed by a larger-than-life TWENTY year warranty on the motor and five years on parts.

Will it suit your needs?

It’s a juicer for folks who want a single machine to fulfill their diverse needs, from juicing different items to processing foods to making sauces and sorbets. It extracts high-quality juice, produces high yields and lasts a lifetime – offering best value for money.

Why buy Oscar Vitalmax Juicer Chrome?

There are countless reasons to choose the Oscar Vitalmax juicer chrome over others, but let’s talk about the top few of these:

  • It’s a blend of the latest technologies that ensure maximum yield as well as extreme nutrition
  • The juice is simply awesome; no pulp, no froth whatsoever
  • Easy to clean because of the simple 5 part assembly
  • It’s a multipurpose juicer and food processor, you don’t have to buy a separate food processor, fruit/vegetable juicer, pasta maker, smoothie maker or wheat grass juicer
  • It’s among the quietest juicers available on the market
  • It’s well built and backed by the longest warranty of twenty years, while most other juicer offer a warranty of just 5 – 10 years

Any downsides?

The only moan one can have against the Oscar Vitalmax juicer is its relatively slim feed chute. That means you have to cut the items into smaller chunks before juicing. But the juice tastes so yummy that you’ll just forget about the effort you had to put in precutting.

Where to buy the Vitalmax from Oscar in chrome?

Buy your Oscar Vitalmax juicer chrome online to avoid all the hassles of procuring; buy it from Amazon to get the lowest price. Click the link below to learn more or simply order your Oscar Vitalmax Juicer and get started on your juicing adventure!

Be advised that there is a number of other juicers reviewed here onsite.


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