OrangeX OJex– Simple And Functional Orange Juicer


OrangeX OJex– Simple And Functional Orange Juicer

Do you know what entitles OrangeX OJex to claim it is one of the best juicers available in the market? It has almost everything you can desire in a simple yet efficient fruit juicer. Unfortunately, you won’t find sufficient information about this cutting-edge juice extractor on the internet.

So it’s in your best interest to read this juicer review thoroughly and then decide whether you should invest in it or not.

OrangeX Ojex is a
beautiful juicing machine 

You’ll hardly find any other juicer as sleek and stylish as the OrangeX OJex orange juicer. In addition to its beautiful design, it’s available in several colors including red, cobalt blue, black, white and orange. You’ll surely find one that really goes well your kitchen’s interior.

OrangeX OJex orange juicer on Amazon

If you want to keep the juicer under you cabinet, there won’t be any problem because of its compact shape.

An Orange juicer for keeps

It’s sleek, yet not fragile. Manufactured from enameled cast iron and 18/10 stainless steel, it’s a juicer that will never give up the ghost.

OrangeX Ojex

Ease of use

Carefully thought design makes life easy no matter you are juicing for oranges, grapefruit, lemons or limes. Five suction cups make sure that the juicer doesn’t slip or tilt when you press the lever down. The rubber grip is slip-free and comfortable to hold.

There are juicers that can take hours to wash – not this one. The stainless-steel reamer can be removed easily for quick washing.
The fruit will remain fixed to the reamer and with all the pulp inside it, you’ll get pulp-free, seed-free, pure and fresh juice.

Simplicity is bliss

OrangeX Ojex is extremely simple – no unnecessary frills whatsoever. It makes this juicer safe, sturdy and easy to use.

A heavy juicer

The juicer is made from hefty materials that add a lot of weight to it. You won’t enjoy moving it around quite often. For a juicer, however, durability is more important than portability.

It’s time to work your muscles

As compared to some other juicers from the same category, you will have to apply a little extra force if you want to get the last drop of juice from the pulp.

A wise choice

The most amazing thing about this orange juicer is its extremely low price – you can get it well under a hundred bucks. On the other hand, most other juicers can cost you two or four times the price of an OrangeX OJex juicer.
Why pay extra when you can get the same quantity of fresh juice from a better-looking juicer?

Orangex Ojex citrus juicer

Where to purchase the OJex orange juicer

OrangeX OJex does everything as advertised and is offered at an incredibly low price – you can’t ask for more! But if you want to save a little extra, get this juicer from Amazon at the cheapest rate.
Click the link below to learn more or place an order:

OrangeX OJex orange juicer on Amazon


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  1. Leanan
    6 years ago

    I own the Mini and the O2 Omega, which I prefer for travel. I have the 8003 Omega but it’s a pain to use in the avg hotel room. I chomp the leafy greens and juice locally-bought produce. BTW Discount Juicers has given me great service on more than one purchase.