Opti-Fresh Wheatgrass Juicer – 5 Reasons Juice Bars Love It


Opti-Fresh Wheatgrass Juicer – 5 Reasons Juice Bars Love It

Initially, the Opti-Fresh Wheatgrass Juicer was designed for one of the most esteemed and visited health resorts in the US. And that necessitated the juice extractor to have the supreme quality, maximum efficiency and vigorous build.

Being a commercial-grade juicer, it has been the hot favorite of juice bars, spas, restaurants and fitness centers. Recently, however, it has become the number one wheat grass juice extractor for home use also. And there are many reasons for this. We will talk about the top five of these, but first let’s get acquainted with the basic features of the Opti-Fresh Wheat grass Juicer.

More Info About the Opti-Fresh Wheatgrass Juicer

Features of the Opti-Fresh Wheatgrass Juicer

It may not be the smallest or lightest juicer on the market, but it is surely one of the most hard-wearing and top-quality products money can buy.

The juicer measures 17.5 L x 10 W x 15 H, yet weighs solid 40 lbs., which shows the quality of the highest quality stainless steel used in its construction.

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The heavy duty 1/5 HP motor is just about the perfect spanker for the fine, stalwart wheat grass. The juicer yields 1 oz. of pure juice per minute and automatic pulp ejection allows continuous juicing. Self-feeding function requires no pushing down though a plunger is also included, a personal friend to Juicers and Recipes tells us she always uses the plunger.

5 reasons the Opti-Fresh is the best wheatgrass juicer

  1. The slow rotation at 78/65 RPM ensures maximum vitamins, enzymes and other components necessary for a healthy human body
  2. The 1/5 HP motor yields maximum juice per pound of grass, hence it’s very economical in the long haul
  3. Operating and cleaning the juicer is literally a breeze. There is just one on/off switch to make the simplest user interface. Only a few moving parts make clean up super easy
  4. The juicer is simply unbreakable. Made from stainless steel and weighing 40 lbs. (which is ridiculously heavy for such a compact appliance), you will never have to buy another juicer again
  5. It has been tested and certified by UL as well as NSF. Their certification clears any doubt regarding any health hazards

Disadvantages of the Opti-Fresh Wheatgrass Juicer

  1. The juicer comes with just one year warranty
  2. The price tag is rather high. But if you consider the productivity and lasting lifespan, the price sounds very much reasonable

Purchasing the Opti-Fresh Wheatgrass Juicer

If you fancy wheatgrass juice, trying other so-called multipurpose juicers can be a sheer disappointment. If you want to enjoy restaurant-quality, fresh wheatgrass juice, only an exclusive wheatgrass juicer is the answer.

When purchasing such an expensive juicer, it’s a wise approach to put your trust in dependability of the retailer, and their return policy. We, therefore, recommend its purchase from the largest online retailer i.e. Amazon. Click the link below to learn more or get your juicer at the lowest price:

More Info About the Opti-Fresh Wheatgrass Juicer

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