Omega B2300 – A blender built to outperform the competition


Omega B2300 – A blender built to outperform the competition

Omega B2300 is a 2-speed blender that comes with a 64-ounce polycarbonate jar and a 2 horsepower motor. You can see it has everything you want in a powerful, modern blender. It’s designed to outclass its competitors and satisfy your every single need.

Why choose Omega B2300 from so many other blenders? If this question is bothering you, read this Omega b2300 review till the end and you’ll surely find the answer.

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Top features of the Omega B2300 blender

First thing first, it’s durable and it’s efficient. Even the jar is made of polycarbonate which means that it can withstand any sort of punishment inflicted on it. The jar can hold up to 64 ounces of cocktail. The all-powerful 2 HP motor will yield smoothest smoothies.

The stabilizing feet make sure there is no vibration when the motor is at full swing. The blender measures 8-1/4 by 9-1/4 by 22 inches and weighs roughly 12 pounds. There are two switches: one to turn the blender on or off, while other allows choosing from high or low speeds.

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It’s an ETL c and ETL sanitation approved (CE certified) blender – you can rest assured there’s nothing hazardous about it. Last but not the least, your blender is covered by 5-year warranty.

You can use this well-built countertop blender for thorough blending for many years to come.

The B2300 model from Omega is a powerful blender:

Thanks to the 2 horsepower motor, it has the capability to blend the toughest produce you throw in it without wasting too much time.

Blending versatility at its peak:

You can quickly get fed up of drinking the same cocktail every day.

Luckily this blender by Omega is not meant for smoothies or cocktails only. You can make anything from salsas to fruit sorbets to soups to frozen drink… the list goes on.

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It’s truly said that every Omega blender is over-built. Rust resistant stainless steel blades and polycarbonate body ensure topnotch performance for a much longer period than blenders with conventional blades and design.

As safe as a house:

Omega blenders usually come with a built-in automatic shut off feature to avoid any mishap in the event of overload.

Exceedingly Efficient:

What really makes the Omega B2300 a champion is the unique design and assembly of its stainless steel blades. They rotate at very high speed and precise angles to ensure consistent mixing every time. You will never have to chew lumps of fruits with your cocktails.


Just like most other powerful blender, the B2300 makes a loud noise, especially when operating at high speed. But it’s quick and the noise won’t long last enough to give you a headache.

Omega B2300 at the cheapest price from a trusted store

After searching around and comparing prices, we have discovered that Amazon is offering the Omega B2300 blender at the lowest price. That means you can get this amazing blender without having to break the bank. Click the below link to learn more or place your order:

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