Omega 9000 Juicer – Enjoy Fresh Juice For The Next 15 Years!


Omega 9000 Juicer – Enjoy Fresh Juice For The Next 15 Years!

Are you in the hunt for a reasonably priced juice extractor that’s efficient, easy-to-clean, and offers fresh juice for a lifetime? If yes, the Omega 9000 juicer is the one to choose. Before using this juicer, there are certain important details and facts you must know. All these details are given in the user manual; but if you would like an abridged version, this juicer review has got it for you. But first, let’s get to know the juicer itself.

Omega 9000 juicer what do you actually get?

It’s an efficient, and easy to use & clean centrifugal juicer equipped with a 1/3 HP powerful motor and ultra-sharp blades that will stay sharp for many years to come. It has a beautiful round footprint, measuring 10.5 by 11.5 and weighing 11lbs.

Are you overwhelmed by the tags like “UL approved”, “cUL approved”? If yes, here’s an interesting point for you: most juicers are UL certified for home use ONLY, while the Omega 9000 juicer is UL approved for household use as well as commercial use.

The design of this juicer ensures you get full value for your money. The motor is brushless with just a few moving parts, which means there would be minimal wear and tear. On top of that, all the metal parts are forged from heavy-duty stainless steel. A 15 Year Warranty – the longest in the industry – is just icing on the cake in the opinion of Juicers and Recipes.

Some Caveats – Getting the most out of your Omega 9000 juicer

If you want to enjoy juicing with your Omega, you have to follow some simple rules:

  • Buy filters. They are cheap but very handy, especially when it comes to juicing softer items and washing the juicer machine
  • Juice softer items before juicing harder ones, or the juicer will jiggle around
  • Go slow on your juicer as inserting produce into the chute too quickly will result in jamming
  • Read the owner’s manual. Yes, it’s boring but if you do not read it, your juicer might get ‘out of control’

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Pros and Cons of the Omega 9000 Juicer

First let’s have a look at the benefits this juicer has to offer:

  • Great design – will last for many years to come
  • Reasonably priced – yet backed by the longest warranty i.e. 15 years
  • Cost-effective – extracts up to 25% more juice as compared to most pulp ejectors
  • Using and cleaning is a snap – you should use filters
  • Multipurpose – can efficiently handle a wide range of fruits as well as vegetables

Just like any other juice extractor, there are some downsides to this machine as well:

  • Careless handling can result in a mess
  • Has a rather modest exterior
  • Not the fastest juicer on the market – but not the slowest either!

Some useful addons and extras for the Omega 9000 model juicer:

Omega 200 Filter Pack Omega Plunger/ Tamper / Pusher 1000/4000/9000 Omega Shredder Blade for 9000/1000 Models

Why pay more when you can get the
Omega 9000 juicer at an amazing discount?

Yes, amazon is currently offering an unbelievable discount on the Omega 9000 Juicer which is too good to miss. Bag yourself a solid juicing machine from one of the most respected manufacturers in the world, at a bargain price.

There are many more reviews of juicers for you to consider, in case you’re still looking for the right juicer.


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