L’EQUIP Coway JuicePresso Vertical Juicer – Why It Beats The Competition Hands Down


L’EQUIP Coway JuicePresso Vertical Juicer – Why It Beats The Competition Hands Down

Want to enjoy all the benefits of a vertical masticating juicer, at an affordable cost? Consider the L’EQUIP Coway JuicePresso Vertical Juicer. It’s efficient, it’s beautiful, it’s compact, and it’s durable – yet it costs $20 less than its closest rival. Even being the most reasonably priced option of the lot, the Coway JuicePresso is a considerable investment so let’s explore more details about the juicer to see if it’ll be a good addition to your kitchen or not.

Why it’s better than the rest

Two unique features of the L’EQUIP Coway JuicePresso Vertical Juicer make it a standout choice: 1) at only 40RPMs, it’s the slowest juicer which also makes it one of the most efficient ones 2) it has a tall but very compact and beautiful footprint, which makes it ideal even for smaller kitchens.

About the L’EQUIP Coway juicer

It’s an all-around juicer with low speed extraction mechanism, powerful motor, 2 juicing beakers & a cleaning brush. Unlike most other juicers that simply crush the produce, it efficiently separates juice from flesh and yields nearly bone-dry pulp – you’re getting the full worth for your money.

The juicer is ideal for home as well as commercial use. If you’re a home user, it’s natural for you to get a bit worried about the relatively high price. If that’s the case, here are three motives that this juicer is worth every penny:

  1. 10 year warranty, it’s a juicer for life
  2. Extremely high yield – not even traces of juice will be wasted
  3. Maximum nutrition value, thanks to the slow processing mechanism

In short, you’ll be saving considerable dough in the long run. What’s more, the juice produced is extremely delicious (you can even control the amount of pulp according to your liking) that you’ll always be finding excuses to have another glass – and hardly any other food can match the nutritional benefits of fresh and pure juices!

Pros of the L’EQUIP Coway JuicePresso Vertical Juicer

  • Can process almost any produce; from the softest leaves/herbs to the hardest roots
  • Compact, sturdy and beautiful body
  • Yields juice with high nutritional value as there’s virtually no heat buildup during juice extraction
  • Simple design and few removable parts make it extremely easy to use/wash
  • At a rotation speed as slow as 40 RPM, it’s literally whisper quiet
  • Lifelong 10-year warranty
  • It has a massive tray attached to the top of the wide chute. So, you can insert larger quantities of produce at once and the feed tube can accept whole, decent-sized apples

Cons of the L’EQUIP Coway JuicePresso Vertical Juicer

  • The slow extraction process can also be annoying, when you’re in a hurry
  • It’s a considerable investment; even though it’s the cheapest among the juicers of its class
  • Only available in black color
  • Though the juicer has a small footprint, the strong materials used make it pretty heavy – but then again, that testifies to its quality

Why purchase the L’EQUIP Coway JuicePresso Vertical Juicer from Amazon?

Because, as compared to most other online retailers, Amazon is offering it at the lowest price. To make use of this opportunity or read more user reviews, click the link below.

L’EQUIP Coway JuicePresso Vertical Juicer



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