Juicers and Recipes goes to Rio!


Juicers and Recipes goes to Rio!

The Juicers and Recipes team has traveled over 10,000 km to spend their holidays here in amazing, sunny and extremely hot Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. Right now we´re in the beginning of Summer, and temperatures are already pretty high. When it´s as hot as it is here, there´s no better way to refresh yourself and nourish your body than juicing.

Brazil is renowned for its huge fruit variety, with each region offering diverse options. Here in Rio, people can find many types of mango, types of papaya, coconut, pineapple, tangerine, grapes, kiwi, limes… and some exotic stuff too, like guava, fresh passion fruit, fruta do conde (sugar-apple) and the famous and delicious açaí berry. Here it is served ice cold in a glass or bowl, sweetened with guaraná or honey, and mixed with fruit, granola, or tapioca. This really is a juicing heaven right here and we are literally running around the fruit markets here like kids in a healthy, natural candy store!

We aim to publish some nutritional information on some of these ingredients, and their health benefits as well. And we´re looking forward to using them in juice and smoothies recipes! Our posting might be  a bit sporadic during this holiday but bear with us please 🙂


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