Innocent Smoothie Recipe Book: 57 and a Half Recipes From Our Kitchen to Yours by Louise Haines (book review)


Innocent Smoothie Recipe Book: 57 and a Half Recipes From Our Kitchen to Yours by Louise Haines (book review)

Originally started by three friends, Innocent Ltd has a 75% share of the UK smoothie market and sells more than two million smoothies every week – isn’t that amazing? The Innocent Smoothie Recipe Book features some of their most wanted recipes. It’s really amazing that Innocent shared their original recipes with the whole world, whereas most other companies keep their formulae under lock and key.

Though, his book is particularly useful for people freshly turning to smoothies (or green diet), yet everybody will love making delicious drinks that were only made by professionals hitherto. Besides the smoothie recipes, the book also features fancy juice recipes, some posh stuff, healthy smoothies for children, insightful tips on how you can get your 5-a-day, why smoothies and juices are a necessity for human body and lots more.

About the authors of the book

Louise Haines is actually the editor of the book, while the whole Innocent team (Richard Reed, Adam Balon, Jon Wright) has contributed in writing this resourceful recipe guide. Always inventing new smoothies and experimenting with traditional drinks, folks at Innocent know their stuff, and this book is an abridged manuscript of their lifelong experience and success. The Daily Mail Weekend and Daily Express have both spoken very highly of this book.

What’s inside

It’s not just a recipe book, you will also find tips about blenders, on storing your produces, how you should choose fresh fruit and veggies and where to look for exotic ingredients. The writers have incorporated humor to make sure you don’t become a health bore. The book is divided into three main sections: Rest, Work, Play – recipes included in each section are ideal for your body according to its current needs e.g. if you’re resting, your body needs a low-calorie smoothie, but when you’re playing, the smoothie must have a sting to keep you going.

Juicers and recipes on the internet

What we liked about the Innocent Smoothie Recipe Book

  • With millions of smoothies sold every week, you can rest assured that all the recipes you get are super-duper hit
  • Light, humorous style of writing makes it easier to understand and follow while keeping us absorbed
  • Different, wide range of ingredients, are used so that you can enjoy at least some of the recipes no matter where you live
  • Thanks to the experience of the writers, the book is tailored to your everyday needs
  • You can make some of the recipes even if you don’t own a juicer or blender
  • Nutritional facts, beautiful photos and handy little tidbits thrown in here and there make the Innocent Smoothie Recipe Book an interesting read

What we didn’t like much

  • Though the name says smoothie recipe book, it includes also juices, thickies, and general drinks which can be off-putting for some readers – we thought we’d make mention of this.
  • Don’t take it as a through and through health booster as most of the recipes are included just to cheer up your taste buds, there are even some recipes that require alcohol

Where to get your copy at the lowest price?

The Innocent Smoothie Recipe Book is not cheap, but what if you could get it at a considerably lower price? Yes, it’s the great Amazon again, offering a discounted price. If you want to learn more, or wish to know what other people are saying about the book, click one of the links below:

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