The Healthy Cranberry Cosmopolitan: A Juicer and Blender Recipe


The Healthy Cranberry Cosmopolitan: A Juicer and Blender Recipe

We got this very refreshing juice recipe from the wonderful book The Funky Fresh Juice Book, by Jason Vale, a.k.a. The Juice Master. It was a gift from a friend, and what a great book it is! We’ll talk more about it in another post though, and focus now on cranberries 🙂

We chose this recipe basically because we have some cranberry bushes in our garden and wanted to find some healthy destiny for them. This juice was absolutely perfect! It’s very refreshing and really tastes like a Cosmopolitan – but without the alcohol!
Start by getting your juicer. Then peel the oranges and lime, but try to leave as much of the white pith as possible – it’s very rich in nutrients! Proceed to juice the oranges, lime and apple.

After that, get your blender and add your cranberries and ice, then pour in the juice and blend!

Healthy Cranberry Cosmopolitan Juicer and Blender Recipe

2 oranges (peeled)
½ lime (peeled)
1 red apple
1 handful cranberries (frozen or fresh!)
Ice cubes

Cranberries are just so good for you! The benefits are endless: helps to fight infections of the urinary tract, prevents cystitis in women, helps fight cancer in some instances and they even fight plaque on your teeth! It’s just amazing!


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