Green Star GS2000 Juicer – Exploring The Pluses And Minuses


Green Star GS2000 Juicer – Exploring The Pluses And Minuses

The Green Star GS2000 Juicer – also known as the Green Star Complete Juice Extractor GS-2000 – is an exclusive appliance. While some people fall in love with it, others are not as impressed. The reason for that are their high expectations for this juice machine.

If you’re planning to buy one for your kitchen, you must have your own specific anticipations – let’s see if this model by Green Star will meet them or not.

Green Star Complete Juice Extractor GS-2000 on Amazon

About the Green Star Gs2000 Juicer

Just like most other models by Green Star, the juicer juices at a very low-speed. It employs the quiet and heavy-duty Twin-Gear impeller press system which does not produce much noise, friction or heat. So it preserves even the most fragile nutrients.

The package contains the juicer, fine screen and coarse screen, plastic and wooden tampers, glass juice pitcher, cleaning brush, strainer and drip tray. It’s covered under a five year warranty.

The ideal buyer of the Green Star Gs2000 Juicer

The ideal buyers of this juicer are individuals who really care about their health, and are essentially juicing for health. On the flip side, they don’t mind spending a few extra bucks or 5 more minutes cleaning their juicer.

Juicer reviews and recipes for juicers

The juicer can produce large quantities of sap without any interruption – thanks to the automatic pulp ejection system. If you’re a serious juicer, this machine is for you.

Pros of the Green Star Gs2000 Juicer

  • Juices most fruits, herbs & vegetables, and also grinds nuts & grains – in fact the harder the procure, the better this juicer performs
  • The HD Twin-Gear technology produces much higher yields as compared to most other juicer
  • The shrewd design enhances the nutritional value of every drop of juice
  • Automatic pulp ejection ensures continuous juicing
  • Also works as a food processor to make baby foods, sorbets, nut butters etc.
  • The juicer is certified by UL, CE, and TUV

Cons of the Green Star Gs2000 Juicer

  • Needs a little more time to clean
  • Doesn’t juice wheatgrass as efficiently as the manufacturer claims
  • Depending on the produce you’re juicing, it can produce considerable foam. With a little practice and prep work, however, you can control the amount of foam going into your juice

Green Star Gs2000 Juicer at the lowest price

Hopefully, after this in-depth analysis, you know whether you should buy this juicer or not.

But you might be uncertain where to buy this Green Star Gs2000 Juicer from since there are several online as well as offline retailers selling this juicer. We recommend that you purchase this juicer from Amazon because they are offering it at the lowest price and their return policy is just unmatched. Click the link below to learn more or place your order:

Green Star Complete Juice Extractor GS-2000 on Amazon


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  1. Rodrigues
    6 years ago

    Yeah, it certainly is an easy to clean juicer. To be honest this is the same with most centrifugal machines as one of their selling points is that they are straight forward and speedy. As long as you have a brush to help you with the cylinder part (this is included when you buy a Breville BJE200XL), and once you get your technique down it really does become very fast.