Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health (book review)


Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health (book review)

Quick facts

  • Title: Green Smoothie Revolution
  • Author: Victoria Boutenko
  • Release Date: August 4, 2009
  • Pages: 184
  • Our rating: 8/10

If you want to improve your health without having to swill down unappetizing drinks, the Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health by Victoria Boutenko can solve your problem.

It’s almost impossible to eat most of the raw foods especially kale, mustard greens, spinach, collard greens. Most people would either cook them until there’s hardly any value left in them, or would add high-calorie dressings to make them taste better. In both the cases, you are getting virtually no nutritional benefits. Only the Green Smoothie Revolution book shows you how to add the all-important greens to your diet in an easy and fun way – the good thing is that even your taste buds will love these smoothies.

Meet the authorThe Green Smoothie Revolution is written by Victoria Boutenko, an author, teacher, inventor, researcher, and artist. It was only during 1994, when her whole family got seriously ill, and Victoria turned to alternate healing systems and started her research. This book encompasses everything she learned during her 15-year experience.

A look inside the Green Smoothie Revolution

The book basically consists of two major sections. The first part: Unleashing The Healing Power Of Greens, is an explanation of the benefits of green drinks, juicing and blending and some tidbits regarding the optimal amount of greens your body actually requires. The second part: Green Smoothie Recipes is a collection of green recipes by the author as well as selected recipes sent by the readers from all over the globe. For a deeper insight, here’s the table of contents:

Preface: The Green Smoothie Revolution Has Begun

Part 1. Unleashing the Healing Power of Greens

Chapter 1. The Miracle of Greens

Chapter 2. Greens, the Key Ingredient in Human Nutrition

Chapter 3. The First Green Smoothie

Chapter 4. The Importance of Rotating Greens in Your Smoothies

Chapter 5. Blending versus Juicing

Chapter 6. A Green Smoothie Q&A

Chapter 7. Green Smoothies for Our Children

Chapter 8. Green Smoothies for Our Pets

Chapter 9. Food Combining in Green Smoothies

Chapter 10. Guidelines for Optimal Green Smoothie Consumption

Part 2. Green Smoothie Recipes Valuable Tips and Tricks for Smoothie Preparation

Green Smoothies for Beginners

Supergreen Smoothies

Savory Green Smoothies and Soups

Green Smoothies for Adventurous Souls

Green Puddings

Green Smoothies for Children

Green Smoothies for Pets

Green Smoothies for Body Care

Afterword: The Worldwide Green Smoothie Revolution

Appendix 1: Amazing Weight Loss: A Case Study

Appendix 2: Clent Manich: Living on Green Smoothies

Appendix 3: How the Raw Family Went Raw

What we loved about the book

  • Unlike most other books, the green smoothie revolution has something for everyone. Even if you’re an old juicing hand, you’ll come across some interesting, new facts
  • Though the book includes tons of science, the conversational tone makes it very easy to understand and follow
  • Recipes require nothing outlandish – all you need is water, greens, fruit and a blender
  • The best thing about the book is its comprehensiveness, you won’t be left with any questions after reading it through
  • Addition of fruits and other delicious food items makes your smoothies tasty, without compromising their nutritional value

What we didn’t like

  • Most of the recipes require 5 or even 7 ingredients but variety is supposedly the spice of life!
  • Though there are several recipes included, it’s not a typical recipe book. More than half of the book explains the necessary concepts, just as the name suggests. We would have totally loved if there were a few more green smoothie recipes included, if you want more green smoothie recipe, maybe check out this book:

Buying the Green Smoothie Revolution book

Amazon is offering the Green Smoothie Revolution in paperback as well as Kindle format. Click the relevant link below to read more users reviews or to place your order:

Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health USA

Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Toward Natural Health UK

Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health CAN


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