Green for Life – Victoria Boutenko (book review)


Green for Life – Victoria Boutenko (book review)

At a glance

  • Title: Green for Life
  • Author: Victoria Boutenko (Author) and A. William Menzin M.D.
  • Our rating: 9.5/10
  • Pages: 224
  • Publishing date: Oct 5 2010
  • Category: Juicing book reviews

Are you looking for the easiest way to eat sufficient quantities of greens? If yes, check out Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko and A. William Menzin M.D. We said ‘easiest’ because hardly anyone likes the taste of greens and most green smoothies are simply unappetizing, but not the ones featured in this guide. Regardless of your lifestyle, diet, environment or goals, you can find green smoothies that improve your health, help you fight common disorders and enjoy life to its fullest.

This is actually the updated version of the previous book. The original version became quite popular and Boutenko, considering the findings in some recent latest scientific studies, believed she must update her book and include these results.

Let’s get to know the author, take a sneak peek into the book and explore its pros and cons:

Meet the author of Green for Life

Boutenko teaches several classes on raw foods and nutrition worldwide. When she isn’t teaching, she is writing a book; some of her most famous volumes include Green Smoothie Revolution, Raw Family Signature Dishes, 12 Steps to Raw Food, Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening and Green for life. Though most of her books were bestsellers, but Green for Life is by far her most popular work. It also was a finalist for the 2006 Independent Publisher’s Award (IPPY) in health and medicine. Boutenko teamed up with William Menzin, who is a certified doctor of medicine, to write Green for Life.

What’s inside the book?

Here’s the table of content that shows what this book is all about:

  • Cover
  • Other Books by the author
  • Title page
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Foreword
  • Introduction to the updated edition
  • Introduction
  • Green for Life – Victoria Boutenko (book review)
  • Dare to observe
  • What was missing in our raw food plan?
  • How chimpanzees eat
  • Green smoothie revolution
  • Why is it hard to love greens
  • Greens: a new food group
  • The abundance of proteins in greens
  • Fiber the magic sponge
  • Greens for homeostasis
  • The significance of stomach acid
  • The Roseburg study
  • Greens make body more alkaline
  • Healthy soil is more valuable than gold
  • The healing power of chlorophyll
  • The wisdom of plants
  • Greens: the original source of Omega-3s
  • A tribute to Doctor Ann
  • Testimonials
  • Testimonials of Roseburg study
  • Green smoothie recipes
  • Important tips
  • Sweet green smoothies
  • Savory green smoothies
  • Super green juices
  • Puddings
  • Notes
  • Selected bibliography
  • About the author

What we loved about Green for Life

  • Not only details the countless health benefits of greens, but also suggests a delicious way to consume them
  • Contains the latest information about the greens and their healing powers
  • Has deep nutritional and experimental info as compared to most other books
  • Features 45 delightful and highly nutritional green smoothie recipes
  • Expert opinion is given in an engaging style, you’ll simply like the author when you reach the end
  • Written by experts, equally useful for novices and pros

What we didn’t like much

  • The only thing that we disagree with Boutenko is her suggestion of consuming high percentage of greens: she recommends including about 80% of greens in your diet and hardly any fats, which by no means is a balanced diet plan. Our body needs a decent percentage of fats also to function properly.

Where to get your copy (at the best price)?

Amazon is currently selling the paperback as well as Kindle edition of Green for Life at an unbeatable price, click the link below to check out their offer or to read more user reviews:

Green for Life: The Updated Classic on Green Smoothie Nutrition

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