Frucosol F2000 (NJ2000) Commercial Centrifugal Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extractor


Frucosol is a well-known and respected maker of high-quality commercial juice extractors. As a dynamic professional group with long experience (since 1990) in the international fruit and vegetable sector, their products are of very high quality and have been benefiting catering establishments, hotel chains, as well as small, medium and large juice bars and restaurants, throughout Europe for the past 2 decades.

Featuring a stainless steel construction for all the operational parts which includes the cutting blades, the Frucosol F2000 (formerly NJ2000) Commercial Centrifugal Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extractor turns hours of work into a simple process. Serve popular, healthy drinks at the flip of a switch with this commercial fruit and vegetable extractor. Maximize Profits and capitalize on the health and nutrition revolution by serving fresh produce from the Frucosol juicer.

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Features of this commercial juicer:

1) Stainless Steel Construction
This beautifully designed device has a gleaming stainless steel finish and there are no plastic bits to discolor, which means that it will still look brand new if wiped clean with a dry cloth. It also means that there will be no contact with potentially toxic plastics. Simply put, stainless steel is considered one of the best materials for extracting  since there is no exposure to plastic and it does not wear out as fast as plastic which means that you will enjoy this extractor for a very long time.

2) 3/4 HP with a Speed of 2800 RPM
The motor has an impressive 3/4 HP and a speed of 2800 RPM which is very solid and powerful enough to last you. Unlike some of the weaker candidates in its class that struggle to break down some of the harder fruits and vegetables, the motor is quite heavy and sturdy and has a power supply of 50 – 60 Hertz, 760 W, and 110 V and a higher power of 3/4 horsepower which means that it will mash up your fruits and vegetables with ease.

3) Shut-Off Safety Feature
To avoid any major damage or loss to the F2000 commercial juicer extractor, several protective devices are fitted to help safeguard the engine from major breakdown and damages. It has an auto-shut off safety function to protect the motor. Whenever there is a higher fluctuation in the engine parameters which can harm other systems of the engine, the shut-off protective function cuts off the power supply and the engine stops.

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on August 6, 2014
Centrifugal Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor Model: F2000 (formerly NJ2000) Frucosol is a well respected manufacturer of top quality commercial juicers.

  • Centrifugal Pulp Ejecting Juice Extractor
  • Includes Plunger Which is Used for Pushing produce into the Juicer Chute

Pros of this Frucosol juicer:

* Easy to Clean and Maintain
One of the biggest objections people have about regularly juicing is not even about the extraction process itself, it is about cleaning the machine afterwards. One of the biggest things you can do to help is invest in a juicer that is fairly easy to clean. The Frucosol F2000 (formerly known as NJ2000) has removable parts with limited number of pieces which makes it very easy to clean. The removable parts can also be placed in a dishwasher – making it easy to maintain as well.

* It Has the Ability to Produce up to 30 L (7.9 Gallons) of Vegetable or Fruit Juice Per Hour
The Frucosol F2000 Extractor has a high yield and can process greens and grasses efficiently. This high quality, versatile machine has been the industry standard for decades and the low temperature and rpm in which it operates help to minimize oxidation so your finished product lasts a long time.

* Durable
It is important to find out about the durability of any juicer before buying since you don’t want to spend your money on a tool that will end up breaking down after using it for a very short time. When it comes to durability, this one here stands out because the manufacturer well known for designing and producing high quality, practical products for most demanding environments that require heavy usage since 1991.

commercial orange juicer from Frucosol

All the parts are built to last including the operational parts and the cutting blade which are all made of stainless steel making them corrosion-proof. The lid as well as other few body parts are constructed with Aluminum which makes it attractive, easy to maintain and is worth the extra money investment.

* Produces High Quality Juice
Apart from having a higher yield, this commercial vegetable and fruit extractor can also produce a higher juice quality that is filled with nutrients. This is because it is a centrifugal extractor and the pulp on the machine is very dry which means that you will always get as much quality nectar as possible from the product.

* It is Versatile
Quick, versatile and moderately efficient, this commercial grade centrifugal juicer works by pushing fruits and veggies down a feed chute, pulverizing it using cutting blades spinning at high speeds against a metal strainer. Truly versatile, the F2000 by Frucosol will process virtually any type of produce including their fibrous cells which allows the nutrients to enter your bloodstream quickly and allows your body to assimilate them with ease.

  • * Ideal for Fruits and Greens
  • * Wide Fruit Entry Makes it Easy to Handle
  • * Perfect for Whipping up the Freshest Possible Vegetable and Fruit cocktails

* The machine is rather slow but the quality of the produce it yields is definitely worth the wait
* Stringy veggies and greens can get caught up in the grinder but they can easily be removed by brushing them off
* Super Heavy (50+ Pounds) – However, this allows you to do your thing with a stable machine as you do not want a light and flimsy juicer
* It is quite expensive but you will definitely get the your money’s worth as it comes with great features and benefits that you will enjoy for years and years to come.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Item Model Number – F2000
  2. Shipping Weight – 57 Pounds
  3. Product Dimensions – 12.2 * 18.8 * 12.2 Inches

Is this a Frucosol orange juicer?

We have noticed that there is a tendency to pigeon hole this industrial style machine and a couple of regular readers got in touch to ask if this one is specifically intended to process oranges. The short answer is no. The longer answer would be that yes, it can indeed process orange and other citrus fruits in huge quantities but it is not a one trick pony. Some people are looking for a dedicated device for this purpose and if you’re one of those then you may find these links helpful:

But any readers seeking to acquire a multi functional tool for extracting from varied types of fruit and vegetable ingredients, I suggest you take a good look at this one here. Ok, it is not made in America but we’re talking about a manufacturer with 25 years of experience and a well cemented place in the European market. That doesn’t just happen, you have to earn such status and that is done off the back of top notch machines such as this one.

Where to Buy

frucosol orange juicerThis Frucosol can be bought from a safe and trusted website like Amazon, where your personal and credit card information are indeed as safe as can be. Also, Amazon has the best price and on top of that, offers free super saver shipping. Please avoid buying this extractor from any site that has low trust factor – that will possibly steal your personal information and even abuse it. Amazon is a well-known and trusted authority site and they make use of SSL encryption to make sure your critical data is always safe and secure with them.

Overall, the Frucosol F2000 Commercial Centrifugal Vegetable & Fruit Juice Extractor is a good quality machine that you will enjoy for years as it makes health-promoting beverages that you can create yourself at home. This multipurpose, well-engineered quality machine could also suit a large family or gathering where lots of nectar has to be prepared on a daily basis. You can try it today, you won’t be disappointed.

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Frucosol F2000
Centrifugal Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor Model: F2000 (formerly NJ2000) Frucosol is a well respected manufacturer of top quality commercial juicers.

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