Cucumber: Nutritional Value & Benefits


Cucumber: Nutritional Value & Benefits

Cucumber: Nutritional value

Vitamin B3 | Vitamin B5 | Vitamin C | Vitamin K | Beta-carotene | Biotin | Folate | Calcium | Iodine | Iron | Magnesium | Manganese | Phosphorus | Potassium | Silica | Zinc

Cucumber Health Benefits

• Anti-Cancer
• Anti-Inflammatory
• Antioxidant
• Detoxifying
• Good for the Skin

Cool as a cucumber.

Full of water and minerals, the refreshing and succulent cucumber has therapeutic cleansing and hydrating effects. As hinted in the expression “cool as a cucumber”, this legume has an extremely high water content, which is responsible for its refreshing and cooling capabilities.

juicing cucumber benefits

The cucumber almost always figures in cleansing juice recipes, and this is not by chance. It is a source of the mineral silica, which is a component of the connective tissue found in our skin. This mineral, in addition to the cucumber’s high quantity of water, helps immensely to keep our skin cells well-nourished and hydrated.

Because of this skin cleansing capabilities, this juicy vegetable can be used directly on the skin. They can be used to help in the healing process of many skin afflictions such as puffy eyes and sunburn. Other factors that help this ingredient be so good to the skin is the presence of Vitamin C and Caffeic  Acid, which together relieve inflammation and also water retention.

We have found this amazing enformation on this litte gem of a book called The Top 100 Healing Foods: 100 Foods to Relieve Common Ailments and Enhance Health and Vitality (The Top 100 Recipes Series), by Paula Bartimeus. We at Juicers and Recipes use it all the time, while juicing and cooking, and also when go shopping. Our eating habits have certainly changed and became more healthy and meaningful when we started learning more about what we eat.


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