Cranberry: Nutritional Value & Benefits


Cranberry: Nutritional Value & Benefits

Cranberry: Nutritional value

Vitamin B5 | Vitamin C | Vitamin K | Beta-Carotene | Folate| Calcium | Iron | Magnesium | Phosphorus | Potassium | Selenium || Carbohydrate

Cranberry Benefits

• Anti-Microbial
• Anti-Cancer
• Anti-Inflammatory
• Antioxidant
• Detoxifying
• Good for the Heart
• Helps the Digestive System
• Immunity-Boosting

The cranberry has often been regarded as a “miracle” berry, and believed to have huge nutritional value and benefits. This has now been confirmed. Through extensive scientific research, it is now known that cranberries can indeed not only prevent but also treat urinary tract infections. In women it can prevent and also help to cure cystitis, and it’s juice helps preventing bacteria from sticking to the cell walls. Cranberries contain some components that interfere with the ability of bacteria to adhere to the lining of the urinary tract. This allows them to be flushed out more easily. Cranberries can also combat kidney stone formation.

Studies have also found that the cranberry can even prevent plaque from forming on your teeth!  This is an amazing ability, because plaque-causing bacteria can lead to tooth decay and various types of gum disease.

Cranberries are also rich in flavonoids, such as proanthocyanidins, flavonols and quercitin, which are believed to possess cancer fighting properties. This makes the cranberry a powerful ally to help promote anti-cancer activity in the body.

These little red berries are the most grown berry crops for commercial use in the world, with most of it’s production being processed into juices, dried berries, jams and many other products. But this little fruit is even more powerful in it’s fresh, unprocessed form, so when juice try to use fresh or frozen cranberries!

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