Cold Press Juicer Comparison


Cold Press Juicer Comparison

If you have done some browsing on the site you will have noticed some mentions of cold press juicers – or slow press juice extractors as they’re also referred to – in the past, and what separates them from the traditional type of juice machines. But how do we find good ones? We’ve compared some of the best ones available on the market right now, so let’s dive into it and see!

What Makes a Good Cold Press Juicer?

All in all, the main different from the traditional type of juicing machine is that slow press ones basically crush the fruits and vegetables instead of cutting them up with a sharp blade. As a result, they don’t produce the same heat as your typical centrifugal, they are quieter, and they let the juice retain more of the naturally occurring nutrients and fibers. You know it, there’s something of a catch – usually, these bad boys are a bit more expensive than traditional ones.

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The first thing you want to check out is the thing that makes these types unique – they’re supposed to be able to handle heavier and stronger vegetables without giving up. With these machines you’re basically not supposed to have to cut anything up, you just throw it through the chute and it takes care of it. Check out a beast like the Omega J8006 nutrition center juicer, which definitely has a strong enough motor to handle even the stronger stuff.

Missing the Little Things When Getting a Juicer

Don’t just focus on the power of the press though, that’s sadly an all too common mistake. Another thing you want to make sure is to get one equipped with a big enough chute – while most higher quality extractors of this type will handle pressing most everything you put in, you might risk getting one with a too small chute, forcing you to cut up larger vegetables anyway, which makes the whole idea of being good at pressing without having to cut up become kind of useless. What’s the point of a strong press if you can’t use it?

Knowing How Much to Spend

I hate to put it like this, but when you’re investing in one of these sexy beasts who like to take it slow (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) you should definitely be willing to spend a couple of extra dollars. If you don’t want to go for at least somewhat pricey model, you might want to get a regular one instead, as you’ll otherwise get stuck with a disappointing machine. You don’t have to spend like crazy, though – there are amazing tools on the market for well over a thousand dollars, like the Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer 5500, but for most people that’s simply too much, and spending a couple hundred or less will do.

Comparison of cold press juice extractors

If juicing is a big part of your life and you can afford it, however, this is an excellent one to go with, especially if you’re looking for an extractor that can handle seeds and harder fruits without any problems. When you spend this type of cash you just know that you’ll get something amazing that will do all you ask of it, except maybe clean your bathroom.

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All in all, there are lots of things to consider, and sometimes there’s simply no way of knowing until you try hands-on. If you’re looking for a not-too-pricey cold press juicer that will do most anything you need as well as last for quite some time, I truly recommend the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center. If you have the cash and feel like trying something really nice – well, go get your Super Angel Twin Gear 5500, and I will remain here, envying you for it. To your health!


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