Bodum Bistro Electric Two-Speed Citrus Juicer Review


Bodum Bistro Electric Two-Speed Citrus Juicer Review

The Bodum Bistro Electric Two-Speed Citrus Juicer is the only citrus juicer manufactured by Bodum, the Swiss company famous for making top-quality electric kitchen appliances.  It looks like the company almost perfected this model before launching it into the market.

It’s a handy, beautiful electric citrus juicer with dual speed that can efficiently extract fresh sap from lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. There are several features that make this juicer unique, here are the top three:

Height: it’s almost 13 inches tall, and the spout is also pretty high so you can easily place larger glasses under it. Most other juice extractors give you a headache because of low-positioned spout.

Cyclone Feature: Some people claim it’s an over-hyped feature and doesn’t extract that much juice from the pulp. Whether the ‘Cyclone’ extracts as much juice as stated by the vendor or not, it does extract more juice as compared to other citrus juicers.

Pavina Grip Glasses: A limited bonus offer – you get two beautiful glasses absolutely free with the juicer.

About the Bodum Bistro Electric Two-Speed Citrus Juicer

The juicer has a beautiful design and compact footprint. It’s available in several colors and you can choose from black, orange, red, green, or white to match it with your kitchen’s interior. It comes with a 100-watt motor, which is pretty powerful for a citrus juicer. Amazingly, the Bodum juicer is still pretty quiet.

Bodum Bistro Electric Two-Speed Citrus Juicer

Another notable feature of Bistro is its drip-stop that prevents juice from dripping all over the counter and resulting in a sticky mess. The thing we really liked about the juicer was its simple design that makes it very easy to take apart, wash and reassemble. On top of that, all the removable parts are dishwasher safe, and there are no sharp edges to cut your fingers.

5 things that make the Bistro Electric Citrus Juicer worth your money

  1. Very well-thought out design: simple structure makes cleanup a snap, ideal length accommodates taller glasses, drip-stop prevents leakage, longer cord and handy cord storage space at the bottom keep your kitchen tidy
  2. Higher yield as compared to most other juicing machines – so in the long run, you’re saving considerable dough
  3. User-friendly: just push the half-cut citrus or the plastic dome to start the juicer and release to stop
  4. Larger strainer allows you to juice continuously for longer period of time
  5. Last but not the least, beautiful exterior, wide range of colors and compact footprint make you fall in love with you juicer

3 things that didn’t impress us much

  1. Even the juicer is equipped with a powerful motor, it can’t withstand too much pressure and starts squealing
  2. The manufacturer recommends that you pause juicing every three minutes and allow the juicer to cool down –  that’s probably the biggest nuisance associated with Bistro electric citrus juicer

Buying the Bistro Electric Citrus Juicer

Because of their lowest price and best return policy, we recommend Amazon if you want to get your Bodum Bistro Electric Two-Speed Citrus Juicer. Click the link below to see if you can still get the bonus glasses:

Buy The Bodum Bistro Electric Two-Speed Citrus Juicer


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