Best Masticating Juicers For Your Kitchen – The Top 5 Bestselling Models of 2014


Best Masticating Juicers For Your Kitchen – The Top 5 Bestselling Models of 2014

While twin-gears are perfect for commercial use, the centrifugal and very best masticating juicers are ideal for household use. The higher nutritional value and a wider range of extractable produces, however, give the masticators an edge over the centrifugals.

Determining what is the best masticating juicer on the market

This actually makes for quite a challenge when you stop and think about it. With almost every user having different juicing needs, the one-size-fits-all formula doesn’t work for these types of devices. But we adopted a nifty, no-nonsense approach by selecting the bestselling masticators on Amazon – the largest online retailer in the world. 600 million people can’t be wrong…or something like that. (For the record, we have absolutely no idea as to the number of customers they get).

However, the huge number of satisfied customers, as witnessed by comments and reviews, was obviously the biggest endorsement for these fabulous machines! If people don’t like something, you can be pretty sure they will let you know and thankfully they also like spreading the word when they come across something good.

The top five best masticating juicers

Here are the top five masticating juice extractors (also known as slow juicers, single gears and single auger extractors), arranged in the order of their rank on amazon.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the top 3 spots have been occupied by Omega models since they are the best when it comes to producing masticating style extractors.

The Omega J8006 Masticating Beast

1.      Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Black and Chrome

This bestselling masticating juicer comes with a powerful commercial motor. By processing items at an ideal, low speed of 80 RPMs, the machine prevents any foaming, clogging, or heat build-up. It means you get pure, fresh and pulp-free juice.

The machine has a high yield (with very dry pulp) due to dual-stage juicing system, and the pulp-ejection mechanism allows for nonstop juicing. It’s been approved by UL as well as cUL, and comes with an extended 15-year warranty. Our Omega 8006 review

Its quiet yet efficient operation, top-quality build and user-friendliness helped it get hundreds of happy users. You can’t go wrong with the J8006 masticator, no matter you juice hard fruits, veggies, soft leafy greens or even wheatgrass. It is a highly versatile unit that packs quite a few surprises – if this is a genuine contender then please read our full review which I link to here below.

The Omega J8004 is also a great Masticator

2.      Omega J8004 Nutrition Center

The Omega J8004 is the alternate option if you want to save a few bucks and also want to get an as good single auger tool as the Omega J8006. The only difference between the two models is the designing of the motor and exterior color.

J8004 full review

Even with a couple limitations as compared to the Omega J8006, it’s not far behind in the race of top sellers. You get the almost same quality and quantity of yield with both the models, but Omega J8004 is more affordable.

The VRT350 is king of the vertical extractors

3.      Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger

Vertical masticating juicers come with a huge benefit of compacter base. They also look prettier (in my humble opinion) as compared to horizontal masticators. On the other hand, their price is a little higher and they usually have a pulp container which has to be cleaned periodically.

Review of Omega VRT350

If you want a fine-looking, vertical masticating juicer, Omega VRT350 is a great pick. At 80 RPM, it offers the high efficiency and better juice quality of masticators but looks more like a slender centrifugal. You can control the amount of pulp going into your juice by switching between the fine and coarse juicing screens. The extractor carries a 10-year limited warranty which gives a certain indication of its quality.

The Breville BJS600XL is a worthy candidate

4.      Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush

The BJS600XL is one of the best looking models put out by Breville. It comes with an ultra-quiet 240-watt motor, direction control mechanism to extricate fruits or vegetables from juicing screw, and fine-holed filter basket with auto-cleaning for high yield and easy washing while processing different items.

Read our review of the Breville  BJS600XL

You can throw anything – from the softest to the hardest produces – at your BJS600XL and get nutritious, fibrous and smooth-textured juice. This one here comes with 1-year limited warranty.

Take it slow with Hurom HU-100S

5.      Hurom Slow Juicer Model HU-100S New Silver with Cookbook

 The Hurom Slow Juicer is a simple, easy-to-use and affordable machine in the line of upright juice extractors. It’s compact, quiet and very lightweight. The device has a 150-watt motor which (is more than enough for slow RPM and) saves a lot of energy.
Read a full review of the Hurom HU-100

It works like a mortar and pestle, “cold-pressing” and chews the food gently to retain most of the enzymes and essential nutrients in your juice. You get the “100 Gourmet Recipes for slow juicing” recipe book – that costs $14.99 – absolutely free! Nice little bonus it has to be said, such a device is of no use if you don’t know what to feed it 😉

This particular extractor has been tested and approved by both the FDA and USDA. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Want to take the extra step and grow your own produce:
Hurom Slow Vertical Plus Organic Wheatgrass Kit – Choose Black, Silver or White

You can choose any of these five best masticating juicers, but our recommendation to you would be to take into account your budget, juicing needs/expectations, kitchen space, and time you can afford to spend on juicing (and cleaning the device afterwards). There really are several variables that come into play when making the decision to go serious with juicing, and getting a masticator is a clear signal of intent, that’s just a fact. But changes are that if you are at these crossroads then you already have considerable experience and some clear cut ideas as to what you are looking for. We hope that this will help in making the decision easier to make.

So yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Everything is of course subject to change, so this article was revised on September 2nd 2014 and will be revisited as needed as time passes and new tools hit the market. Keep on juicing in the free world!
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