Alpine Cuisine Extra Large Commercial Juice Press Juicer


Alpine Cuisine Extra Large Commercial Juice Press Juicer

Looking for a cost-effective, efficient and durable solution for juicing citruses? The Alpine Cuisine Extra Large Commercial Juice Press Juicer has all the features to fit your bill. The benefits this juicer press offers – at such an affordable price – are unbelievable, yet there are a couple of shortcomings. If you have any questions or apprehensions, read this juicer review till the end to find the answers
(and the best place to buy it). 

Alpine Cuisine Extra Large
Commercial Juicer – Key features

It has an ergonomic design and employs the highly-efficient 3-pinion technology. It’s made of heavy-duty cast iron, coated with enamel to resist stains and corrosion by citrus acids. Base legs are wide apart, so you can place larger containers to collect sap. Perforated strainer cone and funnel (the two removable parts which require frequent washing) are made of stainless steel.

Being a commercial juicer, it’s big. The juice press measures 4.75 by 28 inches when opened up, and 4.75 by 15 inches when folded. The base measures 7 x 8.5 inches.

Are you the ideal buyer?

It’s an ideal choice for juice bars and health clubs where large quantities of citrus extracts are required. But if you love citrus juice and want to bring it home, two factors will decide if this juice press is an ideal choice for you or not: firstly, it’s a commercial grade juicer and needs a spacious kitchen; secondly, though it’s not expensive, yet a ‘hefty’ investment for a home user.

If you believe you totally need the Alpine Cuisine Extra Large Commercial Juice Press Juicer, the next step is to weigh its pros against its cons to make sure it suits your very needs.

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Alpine Cuisine Extra Large Commercial Juice Press – Pros

  • An extremely affordable juice press
  • Take it anywhere you want and extract gallons of fresh juice in minutes
  • 3-pinion technology and rubberized handle grip require little pressure to exert maximum force
  • Very easy to wash, the removable parts are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher-safe
  • Unlike many other so-called commercial juice presses, it can extract all types of citrus fruits, from limes to outsized grapefruits
  • Made of heavy-duty and safe metals to help you enjoy nutritious juicing for many years
  • Extra wide base prevents the unit from tilting or tipping over
  • Enamel coating resists citric acids and keeps your juicer looking like new
  • Manual press – no annoying chords, no power required (yes, just a little muscle power)

Alpine Cuisine Extra Large Commercial Juice Press – Cons

  • Manufacturer doesn’t provide an instruction manual. Setting up and using the juicer is not easy the first time
  • The lever, instead of staying at the top position, drops drown when you let it go. Some people might actually be happy with this, but you must not leave the handle carelessly when it’s up
  • The lever might be a bit hard to press when the juicer is brand new, but becomes soft as you use it. To speed up the process, grease it a little

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Alpine Cuisine Extra Large Commercial Juice Press Juicer

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