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We are young (relatively) and truly in love with all that life has to offer. Unafraid to try out new things, take on new challenges, weed out what’s not working and replace it with something that does. This led us to try juicing for health benefits and in turn triggered the inception of www.juicersandrecipes.com.

The learning curve is steep, we are in the process ourselves and constantly learning new things and will do our very best to convey all the things worth passing on to others through this great medium called the internet. Our hope is that it will be of some use for people curious about extracting juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. By the way, it is our duty to present to you our terms of use – just so all the right boxes are ticked.

You may expect the site to grow and develop as time passes, this is a work that could possibly have an ‘in progress’ sign nailed onto the front page till the end of time! That doesn’t mean that it is incomplete, there is plenty of data here for anyone looking to get started with juicing. But there is definitely plenty more stuff to come and we hope you will continue to keep an eye on our progress.

You can do so by various means, isn’t the web just wonderful? We have a Facebook page of course and also make use of Twitter to make announcements when there is something new added to the site, and here is my personal page. Please feel free to follow us and we wouldn’t mind if you gave us a little lift via a like or share, any help is much appreciated and will only make us more determined to press on in developing a great resource of information available to everyone free of charge.

Join us today and dare to change your life.

Juicers and Recipes founders and staff


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