A Green Dream… Juicing Recipe


A Green Dream… Juicing Recipe

This green juice recipe makes up a perfect breakfast juice, and you get to use both your blender and juicer to make it! It’s all pretty simple, so don’t be put off by the idea of having to use two appliances… the juicing process is actually fun.

First, prepare all the fruits and vegetables for juicing, that means cleaning and cutting everything to fit the juicer shutter properly. After that let’s start with the avocado. Pick one that’s not too soft, and allow it to soften outside the fridge overnight. Cut it in half, discard the seed and scoop out the pulp into the blender. Blend it until it becomes a smooth paste.

Next step: Juicing. Use your juicer to process the apples, celery, kiwi and lime. For the kiwi, I prefer to cut it in half, and scoop the pulp into the shutter, rather than putting everything in… as for the lime, we prefer to have it all in, but if you find the peel too sour, just peel it before juicing!

Last, but not least, mix the avocado paste into the juice and enjoy it with some ice! It’s so fresh 🙂 And if this is for 2 people, just double the quantity!


A Green Dream… Green Juice Recipe

2 big apples
1 celery stick
½ kiwi
½ lime
1 small avocado


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  1. Rumbas
    6 years ago

    I love your article and what a wonderful idea. I have a picky husband that eats peas and corn and that is it for veggies. And I hardly ever see him eat any fresh fruits at all. I’ve been thinking of purchasing a juicer for some time now. I like making smoothies to freeze overnight and grab on the way to work in the mornings. But with a blender I have been limited to the fruits I can use plus no veggies. A juicer would be on my counter and used daily. But I also had a thought on the pulp you mentioned getting rid of could this not be used in baking? I have seen recipes where apple sauce is used instead of sugar could the fruit pulp not be used. I am sure seeds and such would still need to be taken out but the pulp could be a tasty added addition to baking and possibly for to make into a sauce for poultry. Wow! Now I do need to get a juicer!