A Cleansing Blend Recipe for Juicers


A Cleansing Blend Recipe for Juicers

This power juicer recipe promises a blend to detox and cleanse you through an ingestion of very powerful, healthy ingredients. Reinvigorate and rejuvenate your system through the power of raw vegetables, all processed to optimal results in the juicer!

As always, try to use only the best organic ingredients, the fresher you can find. It’s very important that the leaves are either organic or washed and cleaned thoroughly before juicing, otherwise they could carry toxins through the use of pesticides and growth inducers during their cultivation… so please always be ultra careful with what you choose to juice! Remember – everything is raw 🙂

That said, this cleansing blend is not just very, very healthy – it’s also very tasty and fulfilling.


Cleansing Blend: A Juicer Recipe

2 carrots
2 celery sticks
a big bunch of spinach leaves
a big bunch of iceberg lettuce leaves, or other lettuce / similar of your preference
a handful of parsley


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